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Kevin Alexanderman is an original author, scientist and technology entrepreneur. He is an excellent written and verbal communicator:
"I am reading your recent publication with great interest and must let you know I am finding it to be captivating"
Chandra Vekaria, London businessman
Mr Alexanderman developed an historically-distinct theory of knowledge (epistemological theory) over a 10-year period, including new theories of:
Deduction (reasoning)
Validation (scientific method)
Induction (concept formation)
Concepts (the nature of knowledge)
Grammar (symbolic representation of language or syntax) and
Lexicology (meaning).
The theory of deduction, concepts, grammar and lexicology were validated as emerging science with commercial software used by clients such as P&G and Litton Aerospace. The software application KnowAll was the world’s first software that could deliver direct answers to questions in natural language, from live, unstructured text in documents or the internet. This is an application of the new epistemological theory that was not envisioned during its derivation.

The theory of scientific validation was also confirmed by showing the “greenhouse gas” theory to be invalid science. The Conceptual Model Theory of Validation provides a more systematic means of assessing the validity of any idea in the general case, include concepts of the humanities.
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