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Welcome to my profile! Kev here. I write engaging, data-driven blog posts in marketing and personal finance. To see how I can produce world-class content for you, please check out the articles in my portfolio. A personal-finance client of mine is, one of the largest consumer comparison websites in the world. I also write marketing content for Curalate, a Philly-based startup that's leading the way in visual commerce.
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University of California, Davis, Political Science
California, PA, USA|English

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Blog Post
How Vertical Video Became Cool, and Why It’ll Take Over

I wrote this article to promote my client's vertical-video service, Tilt. It embodies my specialty: creating content that's deliciously fun to read and backed by data. Your customer is a high-level decisionmaker who wants the goods without being bored to tears. I'll help you give them what they want.

September, 20 2016
Blog Post
How to Create Video Ads That Are Totally Watchable

More fun, data-backed content to promote Tilt. (Memes and videos included -- the perfect combo to increase time-on-page stats.)

August, 16 2016
10 credit card myths debunked

This is a long-form piece for a consumer audience. My blog posts increase your authority, position you as the right solution for your target market, and give you high-quality material to share on social media.

February, 27 2018
The beginner’s guide to buying a New York City apartment

New York City real estate is complex, and soon-to-be residents often have no clue where to start. I wrote this article for them. I can create this type of content for you, too, taking confusing topics and breaking them down in easy-to-understand guides.

February, 22 2018
25 tricks and hacks to meet your credit card’s minimum spending requirement
December, 10 2017
Blog Post
Forget Millennials, Marketing to Gen Z Will Be the Real Adventure
December, 9 2016
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