Khadija Abt

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‏I am a writer with writing experience. I cover a range of important issues in everyday life Example of healthy nutrition sport design

‏Khadija About is an essay writer. I have loved writing since my childhood.

‏I have written in three electronic newspapers.

‏I was born in Morocco and lived most of my‏childhood in a small and beautiful city.

‏I moved to Britain in the year 2015 and‏completed my studies in London.

‏She got married and had three wonderful children.

‏My identities, writing, designing sports‏clothes, especially running and cooking, healthy eating.

‏Most of my pans are based on my identities.

I like to write about what I am convinced of and love.

‏I spend my time as much as possible on what is beneficial to me and my family.

‏My principle in life is to use time for what is useful and not to waste time on what is not useful.

‏When I misuse time, I waste the only resource that can never be recovered.

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