Prince Khalid

Copywriter, Ghostwriter

''To see the world with the eyes of others..''

Hello! I aspire to write clean, engaging, original, fictional and factual stories, articles, blogs and web content for you.

I specialize in writing articles for numerous fields, such as:

-Product Reviews
-Interior Decoration
-Travel, to name only a few

This above is just a summary of what i can do, but below is my story. Take time to read it please. Thank You!

Ever since I took it upon myself to become a freelance writer, an entire new world has been revealed to me. My initial focus was on fiction writing; but overtime, I started to take on projects that were significantly different. I started realizing that I could write on almost anything, particularly a piece that required a creative approach.

Clients and customers have only added credibility to my work. They constantly reach out to me and express satisfaction and even gratitude on the work i do for them. Peopleperhour has presented great opportunities to meet customers that overtime, became friends. Few things can bring me pride like a happy customer, and so far, I've mange dot rack up quite a few of them!

When it came to writing fictional stories, I started to incorporate elements of my culture into my work, and the feedback has been very positive and encouraging. Currently, I am writing my first book in a trilogy.

As for the work I've done, they range from essays for university students; I can use all four types: expository, persuasive, analytical, argumentative essays; research work on numerous topics; bogs and articles for a host of websites and generally, all types of written work from diverse fields. After all, that's what freelancing is all about.

For every piece I have written, my customers always give me enormously positive feedback. I believe my writing is unique because of the approach I use most of the time: I always incorporate elements of stories into what I write to give the work a more personal and empathetic feel to it. Not too much and not too little, but just enough that the initial theme of the work is not lost, but rather emphasized through the subtle interjection of the stories.

This is always good because the recipient can relate to the overall work very well. And I believe therein lies why my work stands out. Anyone can write on any topic or theme, but to be able to present it in a manner that expands and gives a better insight on the work, and is much appreciated. That is one reason why I believe I can excel in areas others fail. i assure you that you will be satisfied when i work for you!

Thank you, and i look forward to seeing working with you!
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Ahmadu Bello University, Bsc. International Realtions
Niagara Falls, NY, USA|English

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