Kim Shackleton

Copywriter, Writer

I create the content businesses need, contribute to future success, and help improve your efficiency

Hey, I'm Kim. I'm an accountant turned writer with plenty of knowledge about your industry. I create the content your business needs to get you noticed, increase credibility, and build trust with your audience. My content ideas contribute to your future success by keeping customers engaged and interested in your brand. Best of all, my priority is to be independent so you can run your businesses efficiently.
Content Types
Article, Website Copy, Blog Post
More Information
Lakeland University, M.B.A.
Lakeland University, Bachelor of Arts in Accounting, Magna cum lade

Published Content

Blog Post
What Does a Content Marketer Do?

This blog post details the work that content marketing does for your business.

November, 25 2018
Blog Post
Understanding and Improving Your Credit Score

This long-form post details the segments that make up a credit score and offers suggestions on improving each of them.

November, 8 2018
Blog Post
How Credit Card Companies Make Money Off You

It can be confusing to understand how credit card companies are making a profit. People may not understand that credit card companies are actually selling your information.

November, 8 2018
Blog Post
Financial Freedom: You’re Doing it Wrong

People view financial freedom as having more money and more things. I'm flipping that upside down and breaking that line of thinking.

November, 7 2018
Blog Post
Creating a Recession-Proof Lifestyle

A "personal recession", such as large medical expenses or loss of job, can impact your financial health. This post provides a different perspective to managing your money, without using a budget.

November, 21 2018
Blog Post
Types of Content in a Content Marketing Strategy

Learn more about some popular types of content businesses are using to increase website traffic and enhance client relationships.

October, 6 2018
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