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Abroad Behind Bars

Kimberly, is a freelance travel writer, global adventurer and the creator of, a travel website dedicated to providing her readers with tips, tales, and advice from her trips abroad as an International Mixologist. While doing guest appearances, she immerses in every visited culture. Communicate with locals, creating cocktail menus with local ingredients, and networking with folks to find the stories for her travel blog.
Her writing style is a reflection of her personality and unique voice. She has an intense way about her and is capable of approaching diverse audiences and captivating each reader. As a student of Cultural Anthropology and Comparative Religious studies, her writing shows a strong emphasis on human and animal rights, eco-friendly tourism, and women empowerment. She has a real knack for research, and passion for the truth in writing.
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University of South Florida, AAS
Marion, OH USA|English

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