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Based in Florida, I have been a full-time web writer since 2006. I write for numerous online sites and publications. My clients include USA Today, Maximum Yield, The Toddle, Grandfolks, Wag, MORR Gear, SF Gate, Marijuana Mommy, Better Homes and Gardens, Herbosium CBD, Weed Republic, Guidance PA: Your CBD, Kratom & Cannabis Knowledge Guidebook, Nu Image Medical, Green Owl Wellness CBD, Garden Guides, Medical Marijuana Inc., Matrix CBD, Sheba Medical Center, CBD Kratom, Hydrolife, Vargas Face & Skin Center, The Midland Group, Laser Skin & Vein Clinic, Kratom Guides, Upbeatbike,,, Squamish Adventure, Lufthansa Airlines, Travelocity, Mountain Biking With Kids, Yahoo Wisdom, Whitefence, EzineArticles, Daily Puppy, OpEdNews, eHow Home and Garden, eBay Australia, Bird Talk Magazine, Dog Fancy Magazine, Yard Care Gurus, 223 Labs, HCG Spot,, Paramount Plants & Gardens, FetchMyVet, Health Hub, True Potential Chiropractic Office, Super Closets (Grow Boxes, Grow Cabinets, and Hydroponics), Squamish Adventure, Harlan Chiropractic, Always Fit, Big Bro Market (DIY, Building Materials, & Gardening), Sweet Kickin' Salsa,, OKi Wellness Hemp Extracts, PURcbd, Urban Organic Yield, Livin3,
RevCycle, After Green, Quora, CBD Shopy, PARK(ing) Day, Urban Organic, and Right Pet. I am SEO proficient.

My writing has a strong focus on the cannabis industry, health, fitness, medical marijuana, home improvement, gardening, parenting, travel, pets, naturopathic medicine, CBD (cannabidiol), cosmetic procedures, healthcare, senior care, fitness, early childhood development, veterinary medicine, childcare, real estate, adventure sports, biking (mountain biking), hiking, e-commerce, and business promo pieces.

I have traveled extensively to such places as India, Europe, and Sri Lanka to widen and enhance my writing and knowledge base.
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