Kimberly J Smith

Ghostwriter, Writer

Ready to help clients find the right words.

I love working with words as much as I love working with people. I have written educational material, how-to pieces and covered news and current events. I also write about health, wellness and fitness.
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Blog Post, Presentation, News Video
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University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Journalism
University of Arkansas at Little Rock, English

Published Content

Blog Post
Try Zen Decorating for a Calming Bedroom
November, 1 2014
How to Teach African Congo Greys to Talk
September, 18 2014
Setting Up a Home For Your Betta Fish
February, 6 2012
Blog Post
The Importance of Breathing During Exercise
December, 29 2017
Blog Post
Is it Time to Evaluate How Much You Drink?

Do you think you drink to much? This post could help you figure that out.

December, 15 2017
Blog Post
Tips for Kicking the Sugar Habit
December, 30 2017
Blog Post
Beating the Winter Blues Without Prescription Drugs
January, 7 2018
Blog Post
Simplify Your Life With Minimalism
February, 9 2018
Blog Post
How Tai Chi Can Help Fight Depression
January, 13 2018
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