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Diligent copywriter with proper SEO optimization skills and readable technical writing prose

Hi there! Hoping you are doing well.

As a blogger/ student, time is a limited resource. With multiple articles to deliver and personal tasks to achieve, providing quality content may prove daunting.

However, quality writing support assures you 100% of appreciated value for every coin spent.

My writing services help you deliver quality content that not only earns you conversions but also results in consistent traffic.

Having engaged multiple clients in the last four years, I promise quality website content that is SEO optimized and engaging for the reader, thus lowering the bounce rate. Even better, I promise extensive research for various topics, thus covering a variety of key phrases and ensuring that the article ranks higher for each keyword.

My target for blog content readability is the eighth grade. As such, you are assured content which will help your readers find solutions to their woes. Press the hire button to enjoy my services.
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Guide, Article, Landing Page, Buyers Guide, Recipe, Website Copy, Blog Post
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Embu University, Bachelor of Education (maths and biology)
Meru, Kenya|English, Swahili

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