Kolawole Akinola

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Full time freelancer and writer

I am kolawole and I am experienced when it comes to satisfying my client. I'm working with eating well magazines which strictly specializes on food and diet. I am also working with Sierra which I've written many articles for. (Though, you may not see anything like eating well or Sierra in my publications because I do submit my articles to them via email). There are many publications under my belt which has gained high recognition.
I've worked as a writer for 5 years now and I am now experienced and I know what it takes to be a writer. I've worked with many editors who has given credit to my writings.
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Article, Buyers Guide, Documentary, Blog Post, Commercial, Direct Mail, Presentation, Case Study, Ebook
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University, Bsc.
Cambridge University, Bsc.
Cambridge University, Masters
America City, KS USA|English

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