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Copy Editor, Copywriter, Editor, Videographer, Writer

Writer with a strong technology background and some audio/video chops.

From 2012 through 2013, I wrote short news posts as well as lengthier mobile phone reviews and how-to pieces for Android Authority. Following this, I moved to Android Authority sister site Sound Guys to write similar posts around home audio gear like headphones and Bluetooth speakers. I contributed 1000+ word articles as well as video content for the site through 2016. In 2015 I began freelancing for Digital Trends, starting with 300-500 word news pieces, before moving exclusively to their A/V team for news, longer features, and reviews.
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ATSC 3.0: The next major broadcast standard explained

In-depth explanation of the ATSC 3.0 standard and what it means for the future of television technology.

October, 23 2018
Blog Post
AT&T wants to make HBO more like Netflix, and it could be a disaster

Editorial about HBO's decision to move toward a more Netflix-like model, and how that could take the network away from what made it so iconic in the first place.

July, 14 2018
Buyers Guide
Sonos' Trueplay now has home theater set-up skills to simplify installation

A first-hand look at using the Sonos TruePlay system to calibrate the company's home-theater products. Includes a video that I scripted, shot and edited.

March, 3 2017
LG G2 Review! Lightning fast, beautiful, and with a twist

Smartphone review, complete with a video entirely shot and edited by me.

September, 3 2013
Devialet Phantom Review

Review of an impressive but expensive portable speaker, complete with video.

December, 24 2015
Buyers Guide
3 free apps to help you manage your email more effectively

A quick overview of apps to help manage your email, only one of which is still around a few years later.

September, 26 2014

Make Tech Easier

5 of the Best Games on Ubuntu Snap Store
January, 29 2019
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February, 11 2019
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February, 10 2019
How to Use Dropbox in Non-Ext4 Linux Filesystem
March, 18 2019
How to Extract Zip Files in Linux
March, 22 2019
How to Run Automatic Commands at Command Prompt/Powershell Start
March, 14 2019
FreeNAS vs. Unraid: Which Is Best for Your Storage Needs?
March, 8 2019
EaseUS Todo PCTrans Professional 10.0: Easily Move Files Between PCs
April, 1 2019
How to Install Pip in Ubuntu
April, 2 2019
Recovery Toolbox for Access, Vital Tool If You Rely on Microsoft Access
April, 29 2019
4 of the Best Screen Recorders for Ubuntu
April, 17 2019
Turn Plain Text Into a Powerful Task Management System With TaskPaper
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How to Stream from Android to Airplay
April, 21 2019
5 Websites to Download Dynamic Wallpaper for macOS Mojave
April, 19 2019
Stellar Converter for OST Is a Swiss Army Knife for Your Outlook Data
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May, 25 2019
5 XFCE Terminal Themes You Should Try
April, 24 2019
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May, 6 2019
How to Use Quality Wired Headphones with Your Newer iPhone
May, 21 2019
UseNeXT Makes Accessing Usenet Fast and Easy
May, 13 2019
How to Fix Apple Pay Not Working Issue
May, 9 2019
Notion: An Alternative Note-Taking App to Replace Evernote
May, 22 2019
How to Open Websites in Floating Window with Pennywise
May, 28 2019
How to Migrate Your Notes from Evernote to Bear

A step-by-step guide on how to move your notes from the troubled Evernote service to the simple but powerful Bear notes app.

February, 2 2019
How to Convert FLAC Files to the Apple Lossless Format

A guide to converting your music collection from the ubiquitous FLAC format to the ALAC format Apple uses for lossless music in iTunes and on its mobile devices.

January, 30 2019
Blog Post
Take Better Screenshots In Ubuntu With Flameshot

A guide to taking, editing, and annotating screenshots on the Linux desktop using the Flameshot tool

January, 25 2019
How to Convert PowerPoint Slides to Mac Keynote Presentation

A guide showing how simple it is to convert Microsoft's PowerPoint format to the format Apple uses for its Keynote software.

January, 24 2019
The Best Cloud Storage for Your Buck in 2019

A roundup of the major players in cloud storage and which offers the best price per GB of storage.

January, 21 2019
Accessing Your Linux Server from Android

A guide to accessing a Linux server from your Android phone, either over a local network or over the internet.

January, 18 2019
Can Pages and Numbers Replace Word and Excel on Your Mac?

A look at whether or not Mac owners need to spring for Microsoft's Office suite for simple use cases.

January, 16 2019
How to Shoot Amazing Photos on Android with Manual Camera Controls

A look at how to make the most out of your Android phone's camera by manually adjusting settings like shutter speed, ISO, and white balance.

January, 31 2019

Business News

Spotify facing $150 million lawsuit over unpaid royalties

Story from 2015 detailing the issue over royalties that is still plaguing Spotify.

December, 29 2015
Microsoft to axe Internet Explorer

News story reporting that Microsoft would replace Internet Explorer with the browser now known as Microsoft Edge. This story was picked up and re-posted by Fox News.

March, 17 2015
Cher Wang takes over as HTC CEO, Peter Chou moving to product development
March, 20 2015

Sound Guys

Which Allocation Unit Size Is Best for Your Drive?
May, 8 2019
Sound Guys Monthly – January 2016 – Master & Dynamic MW60 Giveaway
January, 1 2016
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