Kriss Acker

Photographer, Videographer, Writer

A nomad traveler blogging about family life on a sailboat

I am the proud father of a family of 5 living on this planet.

All my life I have been fascinated by words, semantics, languages... I was born bilingual english and french and raised unconventionally.

Our adventures have so far got us to Seychelles, France, Italy, Scotland, Canada, Japan, Spain, Costa Rica, USA, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong…

Right now our adventures have taken us to purchase a sailboat which is our new home. We intend to learn this new lifestyle and to sail her away to where we feel might be right. For now, our home is the south of Spain.

We are a growing family who got tired of the life we felt forced to live.
We grew tired of owning and running after ownership, tired of screaming, tired of being tired.

Like many people, we got fed up with the standard suffocating way of life everyone has to follow to be a good citizen.
We are choosing to be citizens of this world. We are choosing to live what seems right to us in a much simpler way.

We are artists, mostly photographers and bloggers, and we try, not without difficulty, to sustain our family doing what we love.

We used to have it all, a house, 2 cars, a good job, shopping, fancy dinners, meaningless friendships, paths slowly drifting away, and once we just had enough.

So now we are nomads, with very little more than our boat and our camera equipment as properties, but so much more in our hearts, in our energy, timewise, patience wise, laughters wise.

And we are fascinated with the beauty in this world, the beauty of people, of places, of nature, of events, and we love to capture the light of it with our photography !

So that's who we are. The nomad photographers
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Blog Post

This blog entry was the beginning of something bigger than we could ever have imagined. This actually got us to ditch our rat race lives once again and buy a sailboat to call a home.

June, 23 2017
Blog Post
Taming your wanderlust

This is an entry I added to our blog when we came back to Spain after a break in Costa Rica and Florida. The whole of myself was urging me to jump on the next plane to wherever and fly away. I had to stick a little bit longer though.
Blog Post

Quite a challenge to find a category in which to fit that one. I wrote this blog entry on my last day in our little shop. That marked the day of a big life change... again !

June, 10 2018
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