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Helping people evolve to a new conscious being

Hello, my name is Chris and I always felt being called into the work of spirituality, psychology and philosophy. My core belief is that we need to combine science with beliefs (do not confuse it with religion) and form a new understanding of the world by explaining the "magic" we constantly experience - meaning deja vu, synchronicities, energy manipulation, consciousness and so much more - because, we poorly understand them and tend to think they are all imaginary. They are completely normal, but our mind not understanding how they work tend to mark them as coincidences or "magic". Which completely kills everything. They won't stop occurring and we need to start understanding these tools so we can take advantage of them. We are more than our physical bodies and if we allow our mind to not block the unseen by completely neglecting it - we may create more than we think we could. My main goal is to find and explain what we call - the supernatural.
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