Kristin Hodnett

Content Strategist, Copywriter, Writer

If content is king, I’m the queen.

Powerful writing makes a difference. At its best it evokes emotion, engages, inspires and demands action. Let me introduce you to the copywriter who can deliver it to you - ME. I'll be part of your team minus the hassle of a full-time employee. You'll get easy communication, impeccable service and quick turnaround times.

With a B.B.A. in Marketing and 10+ years’ experience at Wells Fargo, I can be the professional copywriter you need. I honed my skills there, spending my days creating direct sales mailers, brochures, branding books and presentations. I gained demonstrable skills in communication, organization and event coordination. The nature of the industry taught me to manage quickly shifting priorities and deadlines.

My experience running and contributing to blogs has taught me how to add value to a site with persuasive copy that is informative and will increase clicks. You'll gain enhanced social media interaction, a must today. I can deliver analytics that your 21 year old receptionist cannot. It's not their job; turn it over to a professional.

Turning over your copywriting will give your team hours back in their day to focus on their specialties. Because my specialty is writing, you'll see improvement in the quality of your content. This is often a consumer’s introduction to you; I will make it positive by avoiding overwhelming sales talk while still highlighting your benefits.

How? Copywriting is in my veins. I began entering and winning writing competitions as a child. In business planning, my notes were filled with:

• Engage
• Experiences
• Passion
• Persuasion
• Innovative

I was amazed when I saw these checked all the boxes for a promising copywriter. Every aptitude test had said I was made for sales. It was the perfect fit, a natural. It could be because I’m both the Lover and Joker archetypes. What does that mean?

I value:
• Being in a relationship with things I love and sharing with others.
• Creating an enhanced experience for those around me.
• Living for the moment. *Read a mindfulness article I published on Medium in my portfolio.*
• Everyone around me having a good time. I like to make everything fun.

How I do it:
• Aesthetic appeal is important to me. Attraction draws people in.
• My tone is approachable and descriptive. I keep it current and high energy.
• I’m intellectually curious and spend hours on the NY Times.
• I love to entertain with my quick wit.
• I express myself and I definitely don’t take myself too seriously. Some say I exaggerate or am dramatic.
It’s called creative license.

I fear:
• Being overlooked or boring. I’m made to stand out.
• Rejection. It’s not my strong suit, so don’t do it to me

The results:
• I turn your customers on. That’s a good thing.
• Suddenly, people need it, whatever it is. Before it wasn’t even a want. They’re captivated.
• Others find themselves energized. It’s stronger than a 5-Hour Energy.

These traits are shared with Beyonce and Jimmy Fallon and brands like Godiva, Chanel, Ben and Jerry’s, NARS and the Onion. Perhaps you’ve heard of them. Now imagine what I can do for you when combined with my experience.

The content of your website, emails, ads and other copy has potential to increase profits, build trust, improve reputation and boost name recognition. Today, we have limited time to capture the attention of our target audience. If we don't deliver, they're on to the next thing. I'm the magician that keeps them on the page.

My Tools
• Google Docs/Drive/Slides
• Dropbox
• Unsplash
• MS Office
• Wordpress
• Canva
• Trello
• Evernote
• Buffer
• Facebook and FB Ads
• Instagram and IG Ads
• LinkedIn
• Twitter
• Pinterest

If you’re driven and ready to grow, let’s do this. I especially appreciate the hard work that goes in to small business or entrepreneurship. I’ve designed logos for musicians and blogs and found I enjoy working with creatives in business. My dream is to do the flap, jacket and catalog copy for a book.

If you don’t recognize the value of quality copy and can’t tell the difference in an upscale writer and a content mill, I’m probably not for you. If you’re 95% offline, my skills are not what you need. If you want boring that helps you blend into the background, skip to next page.

I like to take on a wide variety of writing.

• Blog posts
• Technical articles and white papers
• Web content
• Social media
• Media kit, profile or press release
• Infographics and surveys

That concludes our time together. If you feel like I might be the ink to your pen, let's connect!
Content Types
Article, Blog Post, Social Copy, Website Copy, Direct Mail, Infographic Copy, Presentation, Infographic, Graphic
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Radford University, Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing
Stephenson, VA USA|English

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