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My name is Kristina Johnson, I am 32 years old, looking to partner with both small, large and start-up businesses, my main focus right now is non-profit content marketing, blogging, and editing. I served in the US Navy for 5 years I also served with the Federal Government for 2 years as a federal employee. I am a self-employed entrepreneur looking for partnerships for freelance opportunities in writing. I also am an up and coming author with a self-published book getting ready to hit the shelves in the near future. Being a wife, a mother a child of faith a full-time student friend sister etc... I have had some heavy hills to climb, some spilled milk, turned over tables and burned edges, but all in all, regardless of my mistakes or insufficiencies; heartaches and heartbreaks I think it's time for me to use what I've learned and pay it forward in any way I can. I received my BA in Counseling Psychology in 2017, while working full time I managed to have all 3 of my babies and go to school full time as well. Although it took me almost 8 years to complete I would not change a thing. To make a long story short I love people, I am a leader and love discussing issues relating to the mental health field, to include topics of concern involving mental health care distributed to veterans at VA. Health Care Centers. Children mental health disorders, and how to decrease medication with proper diagnosis. Department of Children and Family Services with a highlight on reunification. Some other things that catch my interest are marital longevity, economic growth and stability, cancer research, and the growing epidemic on homelessness. . Although I may have a lot of varied interest, after leaving my Human Resource position. I found it rather enjoyable to be able to write or generate content for blogs and to produce testing apparatuses for small and start-up businesses. My previous knowledge of Prezi and PowerPoint allow me to also make exquisite presentations. My ability to edit and generate outstanding material coincide with my previous knowledge and usage of Microsoft word processor, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Publisher, Excel, and Onenote. I am a focused self starter and motivated individual who loves to produce outstanding work. I put my heart in my work, my soul is the driving force and my spirit is the reason I refuse to give up! These Hands produced phenominaol work!
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Robert Morris University , Associates Applied Science
NorthPark University , Bachelor's Counseling Psychology
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Weekly Affirmations

May, 24 2018
These hands
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These hands

This blog was started to be a bridge to those needing encouragement. To be a helping hand to those reaching out for assistance, not knowing were to go or who to turn too. Highlighting lifestyle changes, assisting in increasing faith in areas one may lack. Informative briefings on mothering, and increasing presence in the lives of our children, decreasing the stereotypes of broken families. Are only a few topics I touch on in my blog, it is my hopes that as the reader reads he/she will receive whatever they are looking for, as I try to update my site as much as possible.

May, 17 2018
These hands
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These hands

Just a quick post about the topic of reunification, and the important role DCFS plays in manufactering education that would for go future reunification of children to parents of other than abusive households.

May, 22 2018
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