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I started the blog because I know there are others facing the same diagnosis with their child as mine. Emotionally this helping me to reach out. I am using this blog to talk about what I feel instead of keeping it in. I think that is the worst thing I can do. Washington county Virginia school system has been great in helping personally and with making sure we meet all my girl’s needs for her to recover. The teachers and principal were supportive through all the times she got sick and with notes to take to the doctor, so we could narrow down what was the cause. The elementary school supervisor suggested Niswongers children’s hospital where my girl went finally to get help. Every test was run because of not being able to figure out what was wrong. The doctors worked hard to help her. I was attending King university online and only needed six classes to graduate but in between her being sick and other circumstances I could not keep up or could not complete the classes. I was placed on academic suspension. So now I must find another school and probably start all over. Right now, my main concern is my girl. So, if any other family is experiencing this or has just been told please don’t panic or worry because there is ways to help your child by seeking treatment and if you have to fight for your child to receive treatment turn your hurt into action in a productive positive way. I did this, and it helps with dealing with the stress of having your life turned upside down.
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