Kristy Fox

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Content Marketer with Subject Matter Expertise in Business Management

I'm a recovering banker with an MBA. At one point, I was a regional manager of training for a mega-global-bank with offices in Atlanta and Nashville. Then I decided to trade in the suitcases for the baby stroller and never looked back. I love it!

Today I run a strategic marketing consultancy and agency that helps local underdog business owners compete with the megabrands in their neighborhoods.

I also am launching a startup credit repair agency for freelancers and entrepreneurs carrying their business debt and blemishes around like kettle weights tanking their personal credit scores.

My writing clients have ranged from millionaires needing me to manage communication with vendors and distributors, to enterprising publishers paying me to ghostwrite entire nonfiction titles, to politicians aspiring to turn around struggling communities, to small independent retailers hustling to survive.

I'm an independent and persuasive type who has successfully represented myself in divorce and custody, won a general election as a write-in candidate, and conducted serious credit repair on my own behalf. I'm ethical and honest, fun-loving and frugal, respectful and collaborative. You can trust me to stay true to my word, deliver real results because I only commit to what I know I can do, and support your success through continued referrals.

I absolutely protect and remain confidentiality. I never sell out my clients' privacy, especially my ghostwriting clients, to try to win more gigs. You either have the intuition to trust me or you don't. I don't chase clients. I command results.

To your success,
Kristy Fox, MBA

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Article, Blog Post, Whitepaper, Website Copy, Case Study, Buyers Guide, Press Release, Ad/Promotional Copy, Guide, Presentation, Script, Documentary, Landing Page, Checklist
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Western Governors University, MBA - Management & Strategy
Youngstown State University, Bachelor of General Studies - Business & Social Studies
U.S. Air Force Academy, CO 80840, USA|English

Published Content

Website Copy
Lisa's General Store

This client's gross annual income is up by 30% year-over-year! This marketing consulting client started with a store rebrand concept in 2015. He was ready to uplevel from indoor flea market filled with musty antiques and yard sale items into a higher-end shopping destination. Today, his vendors offer a brilliant variety of primitives, vintage, collectors, and used items with high quality and value. Tourists come from near and far. His website and social media are driving thousands of impressions on their unique target audience for pennies compared to traditional advertising. They are pleased and now adding a new engagement to my scope of work to include training vendors and documenting store operations to prepare for expansion. Exciting success story!
Website Copy
Paul Hamill, Greenville Borough Council President

By the end of this 4-month engagement, my client's primary political opponent resigned from office, and my client is now the new President of his local city council. My client engaged me in July 2018. I thoroughly researched for about 30 days before assisting him with a full strategy, brand, position statement, press releases, blogs reprinted in the local paper, scripts for speeches, agendas for meetings, and more. Before the engagement, his valid ideas were met with stonewalling and resistance. Now, he has a voice of influence and intelligence where he was once dismissed as an "outlier" with too "negative" of a point of view.

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