Kristy Snyder

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Health/Medical/Wellness Writer and Editor

With nearly 10 years of experience writing and editing for online audiences, Kristy is an accomplished professional who loves bringing content to life. Her past experiences as a freelance reporter for have given her writing a journalistic, educational tone that consumers love.

Kristy has an extensive background in a number of niches, most notably a wide array of health, medical, and wellness topics. She recently earned a graduate-level certificate in Health Communication and Promotion from Washington State University. In the past, she also served as the head of content creation for Gallagher Home Health Services, a local home healthcare company. In this role, she built the blog from the ground up, spearheaded social media campaigns, and headed all PR efforts.

Throughout her career, she's collaborated with numerous doctors to help craft content for their sites, including chiropractors, plastic/cosmetic surgeons, dentists, primary care physicians, and more. She's also highly versed in addiction and substance abuse topics, as she's composed numerous fact-based blogs and articles on the subject. Past and current clients include Loyola Medicine, Nurx, Sondermind, Soberlink, Onward Healthcare, PatientPop, AMN Healthcare, American Addiction Centers, Haymarket Media Group, and many more.

Previously, she was the managing editor for a group of financial and banking websites including Bankrate, The Simple Dollar, NextAdvisor,, and more, where she assigned content, coordiniated writers, and edited all articles before submitting to the client. She's also spent time writing in the field of personal finance, penning articles for sites like Clever Girl Finance, Boosted Commerce, Financencize, Diversified Finances, and Budget and the Bees.

Another area of focus for Kristy is real estate, HVAC, and home improvement content. Kristy currently contributes to the Do It Best blog, and in the past, she's penned numerous blog posts for Equator, David Gray Plumbing and Electrical, and other home living and HVAC clients. She's also the managing editor for Aceable Agent, a real estate licensing platform.

Some of her favorite topics to write about include fitness/wellness (currently for Road Runner Sports, Foot Locker,, Hibbett; previously for GNC, The Vitamin Shoppe) travel (currently for Deluded Rambling; previously for Norwegian Cruise Line, Dunhill Travel Deals, Skyscanner), and animals (for a number of smaller pet blogs). She's not afraid of researching a new-to-her concept in order to create content that's relevant and compelling.

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Ad/Promotional Copy, Article, Blog Post, Buyers Guide, Commercial, Ebook, Infographic Copy, Interview, Page Layout, Presentation, Press Release, Product Description, Product Photography, Script, Website Copy, Whitepaper, Social Video, Candid Photography
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Allegheny College, BA in English
Washington State University, Health Communication and Promotion, Graduate Certificate
Carnegie, PA USA|English

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