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Hi! My name is Kristy and my interests can't be defined in this tiny text box. However, some of them include playing hockey, taking naps with my cat, reading a good book with a warm cup of tea, going hiking in the mountains, painting a work of art, and running mud run 5Ks.

But you're probably more interested about the writing side of things. Don't worry, I've got my bases covered. I went to Allegheny College, where I majored in English. Since graduating in 2011, I've gained years of experience writing for online audiences. Need SEO? I can do that. Need keyword-focused blogs? No problem. Looking for a catchy meta description? Done. Heck, I'm even a creative writer and wanna-be novelist. I have a few finished drafts lying around - maybe someday you can say you had a blog written by a famous author!
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Ad/Promotional Copy, Article, Blog Post, Buyers Guide, Commercial, Ebook, Infographic Copy, Interview, Page Layout, Presentation, Press Release, Product Description, Product Photography, Script, Website Copy, Whitepaper, Social Video, Candid Photography
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Allegheny College, BA in English
Pittsburgh, PA, USA|English

Published Content

Blog Post
Which Eyeliner Style Are You Based On Your Horoscope?

The client requested a fun article on which eyeliner the different Zodiac signs should wear. I delivered with custom content paired with images curated from social media accounts.

November, 17 2018
5 Tips for Treating Yourself on a Budget
August, 29 2013
Blog Post
No More Fad Diets: 4 Ways to Lose Weight That Really Work

An article that I ghostwrote for this blog about how to lose weight.

January, 13 2018
Blog Post
What Makes Listicles So Effective?

A blog post for the Copypress blog on listicles.

January, 23 2018
4 Ways to Make Your Facebook Ads Truly Shine
June, 26 2017
5 Reasons to Use the Oxford Comma in Content
February, 15 2018
Raw Food For Dogs
December, 21 2017
Blog Post
7 Steps for Creating a Landing Page That Converts

A blog article for the Copypress blog on landing pages.

March, 9 2018
How to Write a Wish List for Your New Home
August, 10 2017
Save Some Green by Going Green
July, 8 2017
4 Best Bike Rides in California
June, 15 2017
5 Tips for Dental Implant After-Care
May, 15 2017
At-Home vs. Professional Teeth Whitening
May, 9 2017
What to Expect During Methadone Detox
March, 25 2017
7 Adverse Side Effects of MMT That Your Doctor Never Told You About
March, 23 2017
Best Puppy Food for German Shepherds
October, 9 2016
What Are the Long Term Effects of Suboxone?
August, 30 2016
5 Simple Tips To Get Started With Yoga
March, 11 2016
Everything You Need To Know About Online Dating
February, 5 2016
Could Alzheimer’s Be Detected by This Simple Test?
January, 18 2016
Blog Post
15 Father's Day Crafts

This was a listicle article involving 15 different fun crafts children could create for their dad on Father's Day.

May, 16 2014
4 Ways Moving to the Cloud Can Jump Start Your Business
March, 14 2016
16 Best Bars in Pittsburgh 2016
Plumbing Features to Inspect Before Buying a New Home
Spring Into Action: How to Get Back Into a Workout Routine

A blog post for that uses keywords and links to promote their content and up SEO.

March, 4 2016
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