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Author, Ghostwriter & a fan of every creative endeavor

A good day, sir or madam! Allow me to introduce myself...I'm a Public Relations student at Humber College and independent author with 2 self -published books online, including:

1) The Saga of Cyrillus Severus: Volume 1 (YA Fiction)
2) The Pseudo Travel Guide

My love for the written word is almost certainly greater than your love for your family. Ok, maybe not, but it's at least as much as you love your pet, ya definitely that much. If I'm not writing in the morning most days, please take me to a doctor, because something ain't right.

I'm currently refining my and cultivating my skills as a writer and public speaker with the Public Relations program. My future will most likely involve being the calm voice in a room full of chaos.

If you'd like to get your book written, please send me a message and we discuss how I can help you!

To discover a sample of my work, please visit
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Humber College, Public Relations Advanced Diploma
Burlington, ON, Canada|English, French, Italian

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