Kylee Jaramillo

Graphic Designer, Photographer, Writer

"Dreaming dreams no one has dared dream before."

I'm a jack of all trades when it comes to the writing industry. There's not a lot out there that I won't write about. I range from serious moments in life to humorous adventures. I've had some pretty interesting hobbies/jobs in my life. Between being a mother, freelance writer, ghost hunter, photographer for 14 years, DJ, Crisis Text Line Counselor & throw in my morbid curiosity, I have a interesting life behind me.
I have 2+ years of graphic art, 14 years of photography, 10+ years of childcare (not including the 2 of my own), & more, I can safely say there's never been a dull moment.
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Independence, KS 67301, USA|English

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Case Study
(Warning: Graphic Content) Helping with a malpractice issue.

Helping someone with a case against malpractice. Graphic detail. There's so much research involved & I advise anyone whose going through something like this to do as much research as possible. Get all the facts.

October, 10 2018
Blog Post

One of the few blogs I've done on mental health I have dealt with in the past. Mental health has played a big part in my life & I still sometimes struggle with it today but, realizing it is what makes it easier to get through.

October, 18 2012
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