Kylee Jaramillo

Graphic Designer, Photographer, Writer

"Dreaming dreams no one has dared dream before."

I'm a jack of all trades when it comes to the writing industry. There's not a lot out there that I won't write about. I range from serious moments in life to humorous adventures. I've had some pretty interesting hobbies/jobs in my life. Between being a mother, freelance writer, ghost hunter, photographer for 14 years, DJ, Crisis Text Line Counselor & throw in my morbid curiosity, I have a interesting life behind me.
I have 2+ years of graphic art, 14 years of photography, 10+ years of childcare (not including the 2 of my own), & more, I can safely say there's never been a dull moment.
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Candid Photography, General Photo, Case Study, General Video, Interview, Documentary, Graphic
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Independence, KS USA|English

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