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As a young, committed writer, currently a student in college, writing has always been a passion of mine, and pursuing it as a career has been a dream so far fetched that it seemed entirely out of reach . Although I’m still in college, I’ve been writing pretty much my entire life and nothing’s ever hit so close to home in terms of comfort and self expression, and as much as I pride myself on my artistic abilities, learning new things, and often admitting to my own faults is something that helps me grow not only as a person, but also as someone who truly appreciates the creative power that goes into every skill-fully crafted piece . It also makes me appreciate the mind’s of people that write, if not make my love for their works spark more. Taking that into consideration, it’s always helped me understand not only the dynamics of that particular work, but the emotions and dedication that went creating something

I find immense joy in writing , not to mention my understanding of a professional work environment and how to produce top-notch content to not only please a larger target audience but also impress a range of client’s !
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