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It's always difficult for me to complete bio sections because I never feel as if I can properly convey who I am through such a short little blurb, but here I go:

I have a passion for mental health and a passion for weaving words into works of art and at 35, I can't remember a time when I wasn't writing stories or poetry. In today's society with our borrowed language of cultures past, I understand the importance of eloquence and proper grammar usage. However, depending on the targeted audience, it's crucial to understand what words are needed to paint the right picture; context is always key.

My ultimate goal is to complete my bachelors degree in Psychology and then seek out my master's degree in Social Work so I can help our veteran's regain some semblance of normality after the unseen ravages of war have taken their toll on the psyche. To put it quite simply, our mental healthcare system is broken. There is a massive shortage of healthcare providers and if I could make a small difference in the life of a veteran, then it would be worth it. Additionally, I am an advocate of women's rights and dispelling the social stigmas that have followed women for years, by promoting education alongside open and clear communication by serving four years with Student Government at LSUA. I am an alum of Theta Phi Alpha Sorority, Beta Epsilon Chapter which is based on empowering women and building the bonds of sisterhood.

I feel that through writing, I can be a conduit to encourage positivity and growth to others, while bringing awareness to the issues that are prevalent in our society yet are still being overlooked. On a less serious note, I also enjoy traveling when possible, visiting my family on the west coast, and being out in nature when the weather doesn't feel like hot soup. I'm a huge animal lover, especially dogs (but I'm a staunch believer mine is the best boy) and I am an amateur wine sommelier. I studied with Glazer Spirits University and have an understanding of the nuances and complexities of wine making, even vinting my own occasionally!
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