Ladipo Titiloye

Content Strategist, Copywriter, Writer

Writer and Content Marketer for Media, Business and Lifestyle websites

Ladipo is a writer and media entrepreneur. He writes exclusively for media, business and lifestyle content users. He brings his experience as a media business owner to bear in providing contents with high conversion rates.
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Website Copy, Article, Blog Post
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University of Ilorin, BA Performing Arts

Published Content

Kotlin iterate through everyday in this year
October, 8 2017
Multi features Instant Apps support is broken :(
September, 20 2017
Fixing Upgrade Mockito 1.x to 2.x issues
September, 7 2017
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October, 29 2013
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November, 28 2017
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September, 18 2017
Kotlin’s development pot holes found in 3 months
August, 24 2017
Speed up Docker Android Build
December, 12 2017
Read-only collections in Kotlin, leads to better coding.
October, 15 2017
We Do Not Throw Away Yesterday’s Àmàlà | Ladipo Titiloye
September, 16 2017
Issues faced when setup Dagger 2 on Kotlin
April, 25 2017
5 Ways Social Media Affect Your Mental Health
October, 4 2017
Planned Obsolescence: The Business of Out-Dating Products
October, 4 2017
Workaround to view unavailable Android SDK 26 source code
August, 16 2017
Kotlin: Hacking non Null variable Null!!
July, 28 2017
Checking DEBUG build the risky way!
August, 11 2017
Intro to docker: Building Android App
December, 12 2017
Managing Network State using RxJava
July, 12 2017
Kotlin is still not top citizen of Android Studio 3.0
October, 30 2017
The benefits of RxJava (example in Kotlin)
June, 25 2017
14 Self Care Ideas For Better Mental Health
February, 8 2017
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