Laura Blaney

Writer, Editor, Blogger Who Loves Connecting with People

There’s a reason Laura Blaney got an “A” in her Persuasion 101 class in college. She’s a natural communicator, and she knows how to inspire people to action.
With nearly 25 years of professional experience, Laura has worked for three direct marketing and fundraising agencies, two dot coms (—now part of—and, a Salem Media Group property), two non-profits and a well-known Christian retailer. Among other communication vehicles, she has created messaging for ads, advice columns, devotionals, direct response, digital campaigns, feature articles, newsletters, public relations projects, radio, social media initiatives and both written and video content for Web.
A lover of collaboration, Laura enjoys brainstorming with other communications, media and marketing professionals and finding the most effective way to connect with any audience that also brings results. Her former supervisors have called her “legendary” for her project management skills, someone who “sees the big picture” and a creative who “brings depth, breadth and flexibility to her work.”
Laura is currently working full-time as a freelance writer, editor and blogger. Recent and past clients include Digizent International, First Liberty Institute, I AM PR Public Relations & Literary Services, Living Water International and Redeemer Seminary. When she is not helping others craft their messaging, she enjoys exploring the mundane, the meaningful and everything in between on her lifestyle blog,, which she launched at the beginning of 2016.

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