Laura Montero

Photographer, Writer

I love writing about fearless attitude, personal growth, inspiring and empowering people, relationship standards, female empowerment and more

MA in English Studies (2000 -2009)
Bilingual (French - English) Personal Assistant Studies (NVQ Level 3) (2006 - 2008)
Preparing to Teach in the Longlife learning sector (NVQ Level 5) (2010-2011)
Student of German Language - Level 5 - Conversation skills.

Self employed at Laurais Arts - (May 2019 - Current)
English Private Tutor, Photographer, Shopping Assistant, Image Coach, Stock image photographer and soon will also be offering English-Spanish translation services.

Prior to that I've done a wide variety of jobs.

Kitchen Assistant, Café barista, Office Cleaning, German and Spanish keyer at American Express, Manual Payment Analyst and Data Admin at FORD of Britain, Staff Development admin assistant at South East Essex College, waitressing at Salsa Restaurant and Oyster Creek Restaurant in Southend-on-Sea. Moved to Spain and became an English Tutor as well as running all the other side hustles.
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University of Granada, Licenciatura en Filología Inglesa
Granada, Spain|German, English, French, Spanish

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