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I'm Lauren B. Stevens, professional blogger, writer, and editor. I write web copy and SEO optimized content for businesses. I have an extensive background in blog content management and use my writing and editing skills to help businesses reach their target audience through compelling, conversational, on-topic blog posts and articles.

In my free time, I dabble in creative nonfiction and many of my essays are published both online and in print.

I've written about everything from cat dander (yes, cat dander) to encouraging small business development in up-and-coming urban areas. I'm a writer, an editor, a planner, a persuader, a researcher and a critical reader. I can also curl my tongue and pat my head whilst rubbing my stomach. Impressive, eh? Just think about the creative things I can do for your business!
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Gannon University, Master of Arts, English
Millersville University, Bachelor of Arts, English/Comparative Literature
Baltimore Metro|English

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Blog Post
video games and the brain

Research-backed article detailing the brain-boosting effects of playing video games.

November, 27 2018
So You’ve Accepted an Offer on Your Home—Now What?
September, 28 2018
Tips for New Moms | Baby Safety Tips for New Parents | ADT
Twila Adams: Hero Story
Ted Rake: Hero Story
Josue Cordova: Hero Story
Blog Post
Medication Safety | 5 Prescription Medication Safety Tips | ADT

Do you know how to properly store and dispose of your medication? Do you know that storing medication in bathroom cabinets can be harmful? Read below for five important medication safety tips.
Blog Post
Traveling Smart in a Touristy City

You've got your bags packed, and you're ready to go. Before heading to your destination, check out these six smart travel tips to keep your family vacation enjoyable, safe and worry-free.
Here’s How You Can Try to Make Your Home Sale Completely Tax Free

Article explaining the circumstances in which homeowners would have tax liability after the sale of their home. Includes expert interview and advice.

July, 23 2018
Blog Post
5 tips for breaking the freelance feast or famine cycle
May, 30 2018

Parents Play an Essential Role in Preschool Math Success
Traveling This Holiday Season? The Delta Military Lounge is Open in Atlanta
December, 19 2017
12 Jun4 Tips for Talking About Money with Clients
June, 12 2017
06 OctBest Gifts for Writers
September, 22 2016
03 JanThe 80-20 Rule in Writing Life
January, 3 2018
Blog Post
25 MarMaintaining a Flexible Freelance Career

Tips for freelancers to keep their schedules flexible.

March, 25 2018
Blog Post
How to Detox From Your Social Media Addiction

If you’re completely attached to social media, you’re not alone. Learn how you can detox in a few easy steps.
Blog Post
6 Truths About Teens and Screen Time

Teens are using screens more than ever. Learn these 6 truths about teens and their screen time use.
Blog Post
11 Basic Life Skills Every Kid Should Know by High School

Learning basic life skills prepares kids for a brighter future. Read the top 11 things every kid should know before high school.
Why Every Small Business Should Have a Blog
February, 10 2016
Blog Post
Social Media a Game Changer for Modern Brats
September, 19 2017
Easily Upgrade Your Kitchen Lighting With LED Bulbs
August, 3 2017
Blog Post
Be Green, Save Money With a Smart Thermostat
July, 14 2016
Blog Post
5 Tips to Teach Your Kids About Home Security Systems
May, 19 2016
Fellow Parents, Please Don't Judge Me for Using Cloth Diapers
May, 12 2016
My Husband Watched Every Moment of the C-Section I Wasn't Supposed to Have
May, 10 2016
No Pesticides: 7 Tips to Naturally Protect Your Plants
April, 28 2016
7 Tips for Eco-Friendly Gardening
April, 18 2016
8 Tips for Organizing a Successful Neighborhood Block Party
April, 15 2016
6 Things You Can Do to Reduce Your Energy Bill
April, 7 2016
Update Your Kitchen with LED Lights
April, 6 2016
3 Guidelines for Trampoline Safety
April, 4 2016
How To Go From Hobby Blogging to Freelancing Pro
April, 3 2016
I'm a Stay-at-Home Mom with Massive Student Loan Debt
April, 2 2016
The Importance of SEO
March, 31 2016
Energy-Efficient Toilets: Things to Consider Before Making the Switch
March, 29 2016
26 MarContent Marketing: 4 Company Blogs to Follow
7 Tips for Planting Your First Garden
March, 24 2016
Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” Initiative Makes Great Strides
March, 15 2016
8 Things to Consider Before Purchasing Ceiling Fans
March, 8 2016
10 Great Ideas for Volunteering on a Date
March, 2 2016
19 Feb7 Habits of Highly Efficient Freelancers
February, 19 2016
How to Hire a Professional Blogger for Your Business
10 Quick Tricks to Winterize Your Home and Avoid the Big Freeze
January, 4 2016
Consumer Search is Changing Online Restaurant Listings
July, 15 2015
10 Signs You’re Ready to Stop Breastfeeding
July, 6 2015
6 Types Of Adults You See At Summer Concerts
June, 24 2015
11 Things Every Military Kid Knows
June, 8 2015
Miscarriage, Times Two
January, 8 2014
Why CEOs Raise Their Kids Tech-Free
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