Lauren Monitz

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Digital Marketing Strategist - Content, Social, Influencer, Lead Gen

What is a digital strategist?

A thinker, an innovator and an early adopter. Someone who understands the broader netscape and how to drive traffic by creating a community of link backs, blog posts, and proactive content promotion through multiple channels. Someone who can communicate the value and ROI of investing in online media and prove their success with leads and clickthroughs. Someone who likes analyzing, dissecting and breaking down company strategies to capitalize on unrecognized opportunities. Someone resourceful, who when they don’t know the answer, doesn't stop until they find it. Someone who can take a vision, put it into the world and enjoy the ripple effect as it spreads. Someone who never gets tired of finding new and exciting ways to spread your message.

You can have the flashiest, hottest site on the web, but if no one knows it exists, what good is it doing you? It's that age old analogy, "If a tree falls in the woods, did it really fall?" Wouldn't you rather invest your money in ensuring as many potential customers as possible find your site? My passion in digital marketing is to maximize your online presence and ensure your ROI is achieved and exceeded.

Personally, I am a travel/fod influencer with 195K followers, publish 30+ articles a month, and help clients all over the country with their content and social strategies.
Content Types
Article, Blog Post, Buyers Guide, Ad/Promotional Copy, Case Study, Ebook, General Photo, Guide, Interview, Landing Page, Product Description, Social Copy, Website Copy
More Information
Depaul University, MS - Ebusiness
University of Colorado, BS - Advertising
Denver, CO, USA|English

Published Content

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