Lavon Brown

Editor, Photographer, Writer

Organic creator determined to find the best results, with grace & style.

100% freelancer. Wit available upon request.

I have been a freelance writer, blogger, photographer & visual artist for over 6 years. I would discuss fashion & style news, mainly, with a flair for modern technology, along with social media. Aside from those categories, I am open to taking on newer ones and embarking on newer journeys through the art of writing; fairly new and very hungry to personify the best version of what your message is. I am looking to expound my talents to various companies and clients.

You need quality content that is not only well structured, but conveys your message in the most comprehensive ways; elaborates on the research and provides a much deeper insight, organically. I can get that message out there for you. Along with valuable writing and research skills, I have experience with various blog platforms and interfaces such as Wix, WordPress, Tumblr, etc.

I can be as creative as you'd like me to be – outside of the box, rather – or I can stay topic-centered and strictly to the point. Feel free to contact me, here, and let's discuss your vision and how to bring it to life. If we're a good fit, you can look forward to not only gaining the best results, but having your readers engage in a true experience.
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