Leah Benson

A writer who loves to write about the sciences and the law.

I have worked as a freelance writer for almost three years and during that time, I have gained knowledge in implementing the current AP style guidelines and have acquired experience in editing and proofreading. As a ghostwriter, I have written for a few websites, progressing to more advanced writing levels, higher pay scales, and on one website, secured a place on eleven specialized writing teams that dealt with product descriptions and marketing. I have become experienced at writing research articles, SEO articles, blogs, and copywriting.

I had gained knowledge about the law, economics, and natural and social sciences when I attended North Seattle Community College from 1992 to 1995. I had planned to transfer to the University of Washington to earn a Bachelor of Science and then go on to law school. At NSCC, I started my double majors in Economics and Geology and minor in Psychology, earning an Associate of Science. I had also taken several pre-law courses in preparation for law school. Before I could transfer to the University, I went back to my hometown because of a family emergency, which prevented me from finishing my education in Seattle.

My specialty areas include research and writing about natural sciences (earth, environmental, microbiology, wildlife), social sciences (psychology, law), pets (birds, horses, cats, dogs), medicine/healthcare (alternative medicine, plastic surgery, illnesses, diseases, pharmaceuticals), entertainment (movies, music, TV, books), and beauty.(makeup, fashion, hair care).
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