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Ten years in the print and internet media as a writer, editor and author, working in teams and autonomously across diverse industries. Excellent communication skills working with countless interviewees and within editorial teams of up to eight people, as well as liaising with associated departments in graphic design, finance, photography, advertising and a team of contributing writers and informational sources.

- A featured writer across a wide spectrum of industries and lifestyle sectors from health, television, finance, technology,
education, personal development and career exploration.
- Extensive copywriting experience with web content, blurbs, headlines, captions and diverse publications.
- Excellent adaptability of skills to reach diverse audiences
- Valued for my informative and engaging copy, and professional work ethic.
- Highly skilled at targeting appropriate information sources and paying meticulous attention to detail to ensure accuracy and
the integrity of information presented

I'm a focused and sound-minded career-oriented experience in Content Writing and Customer Service roles. I share a passion for getting the most out of life doing what I love and this involves using creative writing as an essential way for me to express myself for both my career and for my own personal situations. I have taken up copywriting and publishing my own articles as a hobby which I hope to eventually convert into a career where I can live out my passion.

In terms of business, I believe fast and reliable service is key to building trust and client loyalty which in turn builds strong relationships and long term success.

Great attention to detail in prioritizing tasks to process and accommodate urgent request to meet strict time-sensitive deadlines in a demanding high work volume and an extremely fast-paced environment with great speed and accuracy.

Communication skills and remarkable ability to break down the most technical issues into simpler terms suitable for the needs of clients.

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Article, Blog Post, Whitepaper, Social Copy, Website Copy, Product Description, Buyers Guide, Direct Mail, Email Newsletter, Presentation, Social Video, Checklist
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CSI, Canadian Securites Course
CSI, Life Insurance Licence
Toronto, ON, Canada|English

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