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Leann Zotis is a freelance content writer living in the Western Pennsylvania area of the U.S. She has been freelancing for over ten years and has authored and sold more than 125 articles on topics ranging from fitness and women’s health issues to current events and holiday topics. She has also authored six ebooks available on Amazon. Leann holds a B.S. in psychology from the University of Pittsburgh and has continued to pursue continuing education courses throughout her life in order to remain active and relevant in today’s world.

There are few topics that, given a bit of encouragement, Leann is not willing to delve into in an effort to expand her knowledge. Knowledge is most valuable when shared and Leann is always eager to both learn and share.

After a career in the corporate world Leann is ready to devote her attention to offering her freelance writing talents to online and print sites in need of fresh content on a regular basis. If you like the writing style Leann has to offer, feel free to contact her through Clear Voice for your particular content needs.
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University of Pittsburgh, Bachelor of Science / Abnormal Psychology
Pittsburgh, PA, USA|English

Published Content

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Second Act Living: After A Breast Cancer Diagnosis

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Recovering from Loss

Loss is a fact of life. The ability to recover from loss is a matter of personal strength and determination to look forward to a better future.

March, 1 2017
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