Leilani Camarillo

Photographer, Technical Writer, Writer, Managing Editor

I believe in myself and in my work and I know you can too.

I love writing and I am trying to find ways to make money because there are not too many jobs around me that hire at my age and I am willing to work hard to make money because I am a teenager about to become a teen mom and I need to make money to help support myself and my family. I am really good at writing and I live for it. I hope to one day be a writer and I am soon going to start a YouTube Channel and a Blog. Please feel free to hire me, I will kick some major ass and I know that I am capable for any writing jobs because I believe in myself and I want you to be confident in my work the way I am confident in myself, my work, and future.
Content Types
Blog Post, News Photography, Page Layout, Product Photography, Script, Website Copy, Whitepaper, Studio Photography
More Information
Canyon High School, None

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