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My name is Leroy Dunning, I have honestly just found a passion for writing not too long ago maybe about 2 years ago. Ever since that initial discovery that I might enjoy writing I looked up many different tools to help me learn to create and stay on task. I always hated writing essays in school, that was my least favorite project that I was assigned. But even back then when my teacher assigned an essay with an interesting prompt I'd always go nuts trying to be as artistic as possible and profound. Quite the pretentious high schooler I used to be. (I might still be) I remember my teacher assigned something along the lines of writing something that was an argument for art being important to society and I immediately went to "Why Video Games should be considered art and why they are important." It was a very fun essay to make going from my perspective of being a gamer and how it impacted my life. Also including the perspective of other gamers and who we are as a community. I later messed up that essay because it wasn’t long enough. I've since learned from that and write everyday it only gets longer and longer.
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