Leslie Addo

Writer, Copywriter

I am the Pied Piper. The keyboard is my flute. Words are my music.

How many content writers does it take to change a light bulb??

If you can't answer that question, message me!

Because to me customers and viewers are like beautiful women. If you are confident, witty and charming, soon enough she'll be laughing and having a good time that she will want to meet you again.

This metaphor goes for the first time a customer finds your website or blog. Is your written content engaging enough to draw them in?? Are your articles and blog posts witty and entertaining enough to keep your viewers coming back??

If not, don't worry. Message me. I've got you covered.

Your final goal is to get your viewers and customers so engaged that in the end, they will feel comfortable to "undress" for you which is another way of saying they will whip out their credit card, push that huge "Checkout" button and buy your product.

And this is where you and I shake hands.

My name is Leslie Addo and I'm a Content Writer, I have been writing for as long as you got your first Gameboy Advance console lol.
I write engaging content that is well-formatted and SEO optimized so the right people can find your content and eventually become raving fans of your product.

As a content writer, my job is to take any topic or idea that you present and craft a well worded, well-researched piece of written content with your required word count and also use the right keywords so you rank in search engines accordingly.

I offer
* Long form articles(2000+ words)
* Short form articles(350-500 words)
* Other forms of creative content writing( Poetry, Comedy, Stories)

Don't hesitate to hit me up, send me a message so we can have a chat and hopefully put a big smile on you and your reader's face.

Sipping on a diet coke because life is short.

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Blog Post, Website Copy
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University of Ghana, Bachelor of Arts. Economics.
Accra, Ghana|Languages

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