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Freelance Copywriter & Editor — B2B, HR, Recruitment, Careers Advice, Flexible Talent, Remote Work, Tech

Is your business struggling to find the right words to sell your products or services?

How much would you benefit from more sales, donations, clicks, downloads or sign-ups?

Do you operate with a social conscience to help people live better lives?

We should talk.

I’m a copywriter with experience in writing kick-ass copy that will sell your stuff, promote your services and inspire people to take action.

In particular, I write Facebook ads, social media content, website copy, blogs, long-form articles/content pieces and product descriptions.

By finding the right words – words that resonate and motivate – I’ve written copy for my clients that have exponentially increased sales and exposure.

Stuff like…

☛ Generated more than 33K views on a Facebook post in less than 4 hours that drove store visitors to a local community project. The store generated sales of £4K in less than 6 hours — it’s best sales day...ever.
☛ Drove nearly 800% extra website visitors and 350% increase in Facebook engagement for Europe’s largest freelancer platform, PeoplePerHour.
☛ Commissioned to write training materials for one of the biggest high street names in the UK. But I’m under NDA, so I can’t tell you who they are. I know, sorry 😕
☛ Launched an Ebay store and authored product descriptions that secured just shy of £10K per month in sales within three months of launch, for a chain of agricultural stores.
☛ Wrote an entire travel website for a start-up luxury travel company to help them secure their position in a highly competitive market.
☛ Authored many articles to promote the extraordinary efforts of women that work within some of the most progressive organisations in the world: Amazon, Caterpillar, Diageo, Vodafone, University of Sheffield, and others.
☛ Authored long-form and highly detailed advice content for

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Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches, Certified Professional Resume Writer
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