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Writing about Health, Wealth, Social Media Marketing and Lifesyle

Writing was a hobby I developed in childhood and I never grew out of it.

I find it extremely satisfying to put someone's vision into words. It all starts with a great conversation about aspirations, values and ideas which all help bring the vision to life. I love to dig deep for my clients in order to produce the best content.

Seven years ago, I landed a job in TV that I was sure would eventually land me my dream job. It didn't. But, the skills I picked up I am forever grateful for. In those two years, I became a presenter, producer, reporter and researcher. Working for a live TV news channel in the Middle East at the height of the region's chaos meant total chaos in the newsroom on almost a daily basis. That was the fun part. It taught me how to make quick decisions, problem solve and meet extremely short deadlines.

As a student of Finance and International Affairs, I have learned some pretty impressive research techniques. All the skills I have picked up over the years I apply to my writing and I don't stop until my client is 100% satisfied.

I know they say you should choose one "niche" and write about it, but, what if you love more than one? I have three:

1. Digital Marketing (I may have an obsession with Digital Marketing)
2. Health & Wellness (Alternative medicine, wellbeing, Biohacking)
3. Finance & Wealth Management (Fintech, financial markets, financial planning)

I have created content for websites like CBDTornado, Viva Nutra Supplements, Hank Zarihs Associates, NewPMU and have written all different types of content including e-commerce, marketing, investing in gold, loans, and so much more.

I take pride in what I write, pay attention to detail and care about my clients. They say there is no such thing as perfect but I like to be as close as possible.

Skills: Research | Communication | Reading | Writing | Problem Solving | Proofreading | Editing | Infographics | Flexibility | Bilingual

When I am not writing, I am reading - mainly self-development books, The Chimp Paradox by Prof Steve Peters in one of my all-time favourites. Cooking, organising, working out and exploring nature are all things I enjoy doing to make excuses for not having a social life.
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