Linda Ashok

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Exp: 13+, Industry Agnostic, Independent Writer (SEO + Storytelling) for all seasons!

My name is Linda Ashok. I am a writer with over a decade and quarter's professional experience with companies like BoA, Deloitte, IBM, & ADP.

In my writing career, I have covered a range of topics starting from fashion to supply chain, Industry 4.0 technologies, and digital marketing and many. I believe a real writer is a learner with the versatility to deliver on any topic.

I would like to work with you. Either you can suggest me topics of your choice that are relevant for your industry or rest assured on my research abilities.

As an independent woman writer of colour, the opportunity to work with, you would mean a lot.

A comprehensive portfolio of my writing is available here:

As you provide me with quality opportunity, I pledge to deliver you signature content of exceptional merit.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Linda Ashok
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Article, Social Copy, Interview, Website Copy, Blog Post, Ad/Promotional Copy
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MICA, Digital Marketing Post Graduate Certificate
New Delhi, Delhi, India|English

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