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I am a highly educated academic and former professor who has published several books and articles. I have worked as a paralegal and am now pursuing freelance writing projects. I was a professional public speaking and debate coach and I am also a performance artist and dancer. I am very versatile, open-minded, and politically and socially aware. I believe in a free and open civil society and in supporting innovation, science and new ideas for solving the toughest problems of our world. I love surrounding myself with poets, authors, artists, intellectuals, scientists and politically active people. I have an unending drive for learning and knowledge and am endlessly curious. I am very driven and self-motivated.
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Article, Blog Post, Whitepaper, Social Copy, Website Copy, Product Description, Case Study, Presentation, Recipe
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University of Utah, Ph.D. Communication Theory and Research
University of Denver, M.A. Intercultural & International Communication
Colorado State University, B.A. Speech Communication
Loyola University Chicago, Paralegal Certificate
Arlington Heights, IL, USA|English

Blog Posts

The Eleven Most Popular Board Games in Latin America

"listicle" on the 11 most popular board games in Latin America

November, 26 2018
Blog Post
How Do I Help My Dog “Age Gracefully?”

researched article on caring for dogs as they grow older

September, 16 2018
Blog Post
Top 10 Dog Movies

My favorite dog movies

September, 16 2018
Understanding the Laws Concerning Credit Card Debt

an article educating consumers on debt collection laws

August, 17 2018
Blog Post
The Morning Commute Gives Me Hope For the Future

general human interest essay

August, 18 2018

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three healthy recipes for summer salads designed for people with diet restrictions

August, 26 2018

product description/promotion

Buyers Guide
Best Vacuum for Carpet

Comparative Product Reviews for Vacuum Cleaners

November, 29 2018
Buyers Guide
Best Electric Blankets

compare the best electric blankets available on the market today

November, 4 2018
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Best Cat Houses

compare the best houses indoor and outdoor for your cat

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Best BBQ Grills

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my favorite face lotion--a product description and promotion

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academic publications

The Rhetoric of American Exceptionalism: Critical Essays

contributing chapter on the relationship between the Sand Creek Massacre and American Exceptionalism

May, 10 2011
Redress for old wounds: Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's apology for the Chinese head tax

second author on the politics of apology by heads of state for past abuses of rights

February, 22 2011
Case Study
Chapter 3. Historical Narrative Construction of the Sand Creek Massacre

five years of research into the construction of a national memorial for Cheyenne and Arapaho people
Myth in the Modern World

coauthored article on an analysis of the museum exhibit of the Quileute Tribe (made famous by the Twilight films) at the Smithsonian
Islamic martyrdom in the postcolonial condition

peer-reviewed single author publication on cultural interpretation of symbolism and meaning of cultural practices and rituals in Islam as it relates to cultural and national identity and the Islamic diaspora

February, 18 2007
“Will the Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up?”: Masking Whiteness, Encoding Hegemonic Masculinity in Eminem's Marshall Mathers LP

peer reviewed publication, single author, rhetorical analysis of Rapper Eminem's album "The Marshall Mathers LP

February, 23 2007
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