Lindsay Hughes

Copywriter, Writer

Freelance typist, content creator, and blogger

I have years of professional experience in quality assurance, where data interrogation and subsequent report writing were always large parts of my role. I write B2B content focussing on quality assurance, finance, compliance, performance management and other topics based on my experience and am committed to using content creation to optimise business performance and credibility.

Currently I am a self-employed typist, transcribing audio to required guidelines and within expected deadlines in full or intelligent verbatim. I have embarked upon writing projects for content sites such as TextBroker and CopyPress, as well as writing weekly in my own personal blog, guest posting for other bloggers, and hosting guest posts on my platform.

I have created my own website for copy writing as well as a personal blog website. My blogging has been featured on The Mighty and I Am 1in4 sites.
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Blog Post, Ad/Promotional Copy, Website Copy
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University of Liverpool, Communications, Media & Popular Music
Liverpool, UK|English

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