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B2B Copywriter: Case Studies & White Papers that Generate Leads

"Lindsey exemplifies everything we were looking for in a writer. Someone with strong research skills who effectively implements feedback to improve their writing and is easy to work with. Some of her top qualities include strong communication, quick subject matter learning, a strong writing voice, and a willingness to grow and learn.

She demonstrated a desire to learn about our industry, and a knack for acquainting herself with industry-specific topics. Needless to say, she took any feedback for improvement to heart, and implemented it in future work.

Now, she is one of our go-to writers whenever we need to produce high-quality content. Moreover, Lindsey is prompt with responses, edits, and drafts, and demonstrates strong communication all around. She is a joy to work with!" -Tom, BRM Institute

Crafting engaging white papers and compelling case studies are the bread and butter of B2B sales and marketing.

These are powerful forms of content most known for lead generation and establishing thought leadership.

The stakes are high when your business's reputation is in the spotlight and you want to put your best foot forward when it comes to the content you deliver.

When partnering with me as your writer, I'll work with you to:

- Build trust and rapport with your prospective buyers and effectively establish your business as an industry leader
- Generate a higher volume of quality leads
- Demonstrate to your prospects that your products/services have proven results with featured client success stories (case studies)
- Move prospects through the purchasing process more quickly
- Craft effective tools for your sales team to leverage in prospecting
- Set your business apart from your competitors

Not only will you be working with a skilled copywriter, researcher, and interviewer, but you'll also:

- Have confidence knowing that your writer understands your business needs and will partner with you to achieve your goals.
- Save yourself time and reduce stress; you'll already have a copywriter who understands your content marketing goals and genuinely cares about your success.
- Be able to trust that your writer is reliably overseeing the creation of your long form content projects and will exceed your expectations.

You may already have already produced white papers and case studies for your business, but if not, you realize the value these types of content carry. If this sounds like you, I'd be glad to have a conversation with you!

Invite me to your project/job if you have one currently, or contact me to schedule a call. I'd love to learn more about how I can help you!

All the best,
Lindsey Horton

What Others Say About Lindsey:

"We loved working with Lindsey! Everything about our experience with her was exemplary. Lindsey took into account our ideal readers and did research on her own to provide valuable blog content for our website.

She was always on-time and well-communicated with each blog post, with little to no revisions that needed to be made, saving us tons of time. She found creative ways to promote our products into the blog posts without seeming overly ‘sales-y’ (which can be tricky to do) and gave us her recommendations for length and style of posts.

Overall we had an incredible experience with Lindsey and would highly recommend her to any professional looking for copy." - Brad, Signature Woods
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Article, Website Copy, Blog Post, Landing Page, Whitepaper, Case Study, Interview, Script
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North Hennepin Community College , AAS: Film Emphasis

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