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Copywriting for a Cause | Manuscript Editing for Dedicated Authors

When you're trying to make a tangible difference in the lives of people, you need content that connects with that audience. Finding a trustworthy copywriter who can partner with you strategically is difficult enough. Even more so, is finding a writer who grasps the nuances of your organization and delivers content that resonates with your audiences.

As a leader within your organization, you understand the challenge of marketing effectively within complex and dynamic environments. Educating and informing your audiences in an engaging way that builds trust and establishes brand reputation is crucial.

Hi, I’m Lindsey, and I specialize in distilling complex ideas or information into consumable thought-leadership content and marketing collateral for organizations making a difference. In other words, I’m a captivating storyteller with a marketing approach.

My extensive experience as a content strategist in the nonprofit sector and a writer in the legal cannabis industry means I understand how to navigate and write for complex and evolving industries, as well as how to target vast audiences strategically.

As an experienced content strategist, copywriter, and editor, I understand the challenge of creating quality copywriting geared toward complex and dynamic market spaces such as yours. For that reason, I focus on helping clients in the cannabis, nonprofit, and environment and wildlife conservation markets.

I help organizations by delivering thought-leadership content that educates and builds trust, as well as marketing collateral that drives action. My clients rely on me for the following types of content and marketing collateral:

Case Studies (success stories)
Press Releases
Email Copy
Copywriting Pricing

Fees for various forms of content, copywriting, or marketing collateral depend on the scope of the project. I charge a flat rate per project in addition to working with a limited number of clients on a retainer basis.

Manuscript Editing
First off, congratulations on completing your manuscript! Whether you have your first rough draft or a focused, revised draft, your manuscript is an accomplishment worth celebrating! I appreciate you’re a serious author dedicated to giving your readers the best experience.

I’m Lindsey, and I can help you deliver the best, most polished version of your nonfiction book or memoir. My extensive work as an editorial manager has honed my ability to edit constructively, so the contents of your book are communicated powerfully, while still maintaining your author’s voice.

Working with an editor is an intimate experience. You’re handing over your darling manuscript to a red-pen-wielding editor, hoping they will help make your book a reality and a publishing success. For this reason, I partner with authors through authentic relationship to discover your true editorial needs to ensure we accomplish them.

Manuscript Editing Services:

Developmental editing: big picture, content editing, macro editing
Line editing: refining the arrangement of words and phrases to improve sentence structure and fluency
Copyediting: micro editing, grammar editing, consistency editing

Whether you need a specific type of editing or a little of each, let’s have a conversation to determine what editorial services you need to bring your manuscript from rough draft to polished and ready to publish!

All the best,
Lindsey Horton
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Article, Website Copy, Blog Post, Case Study, Interview, Ebook, Press Release, Ad/Promotional Copy, Email Newsletter, Guide
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North Hennepin Community College , AAS: Film Emphasis

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