Lionel Stelck

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I am a passionate writer with a dedication to providing only the highest of quality content for the clients I garter, I look to maximize viewership as well as reader retention.

From a very tender age I have been obsessed with the field of virtual entertainment and gaming technology. I can remember as a child playing Command & Conquer on my father's personal computer and being mystified. From then on my fascination with the electronic entertainment industry has only intensified. While trying to make a living for myself I joined the U.S. Military as a Biomedical Equipment Technician giving me some very interesting views of the world of biotechnology. Being an individual who is enamored with writing I decided that I would like to begin producing content for those fields. I find joy in creating compelling content and I look forward to all the learning experiences I am sure to gain.
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Staples Motley, High School

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