Lisa Beebe

Content Strategist, Copywriter, Writer

Full-time freelancer based in Los Angeles

I write everything from lifestyle, tech, and relationship articles to personality quizzes. I've worked with Nickelodeon, TeenNick, Freeform, Playboy, Los Angeles magazine, LA Weekly, Mel magazine, Rodale's Organic Life, and CBS LA, among others.

I'm flexible about whether or not my byline is used, and have experience with branded/sponsored content.
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Article, Blog Post, Ad/Promotional Copy, Website Copy, Social Copy, Interview
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New York University, Bachelor of Arts in English
Los Angeles, CA, USA|English

Published Content

Noun Project Hackathons Add Female Icons to the Digital World

The Noun Project holds design hackathons to create public-domain icons that feature positive representations of women in leadership roles. I went to one and wrote about it.

April, 5 2019
Schedule Your Way To A Successful Podcast
March, 7 2019
How to Cope with a Job You Hate (Hint: Watching Aggretsuko on Netflix Helps)

If you hate your job, Retsuko is your spirit animal.

January, 24 2019
Isabella Rossellini Wants to Make You Laugh—and Also Save Endangered Chickens

An interview with Isabella Rossellini about her stage show Link Link Circus, which focuses on animal cognition and costars a rescue dog.

January, 22 2019
Kim Martindale, Producer of the LA Art Show, Has Big Plans for the Show’s Future

A short Q&A about what to expect from the 2019 LA Art Show.

January, 15 2019
The Museum of Drunk History Is Loaded With Learning and Laughs

For LA Weekly, I visited the pop-up Museum of Drunk History at the Paley Center in Beverly Hills.

January, 11 2019
The Autry Museum Is Investigating the Histories of Griffith Park—and It Needs Your Help
December, 12 2018
Lust at First Sight On the Plane Ride Home

Experts share advice on how to flirt mid-flight.

December, 17 2018
J.K. Simmons Talks About His Complex Counterpart, Returning to Starz

Interviewed Academy-Award winning actor J.K. Simmons about the challenges of playing dual roles on the TV series Counterpart, which is entering its second season on Starz.

November, 28 2018
Want to Grab a Beer and Throw a Few Axes?

Urban axe throwing is like bowling, but with an edge—a sharp edge. I talked to people from the World Axe Throwing League, National Axe Throwing Federation, and axe-throwing venue Bury the Hatchet, to learn about the sport's rise in popularity.

November, 13 2018
Riding the Sexy Liberal Blue Wave With Stephanie Miller

Progressive radio host and comedian Stephanie Miller's Sexy Liberal Blue Wave Comedy Tour is bringing liberals together—and helping them cope.

November, 6 2018
For This Southern California Restaurant, Being Plastic-Free And Polystyrene-Free Is Easy

Kris Buchanan, the founder of GOODONYA Organic Eatery in Encinitas, says running a plastic-free restaurant is easy. She's been doing it for years.

October, 21 2018
Voting In The Midterms: Everything You Need To Know About The 2018 Election
November, 1 2018
Why This Social Entrepreneur Started A Business And A Nonprofit Together

To emphasize NuttZo's authenticity, social entrepreneur Danielle LiVolsi started the nonprofit Project Left Behind at the same time.

October, 19 2018
Uncovering 'The Art of the Sea': A Reminder of What We Have to Lose

A new art exhibit at Manhattan's Quin Hotel, entitled The Art of the Sea, is a reminder of the ocean's magnificence—and a fundraiser to help protect it from climate change.

October, 17 2018
Cult Icon Elvira Is the 1980s Feminist Hero We Need Right Now

The movie Elvira, Mistress of the Dark came out 30 years ago. Cassandra Peterson looks back and explains how her character became an icon.

October, 16 2018
Blockchain Technology Basics: An Introduction to Cryptocurrency
August, 17 2018
How Listening to Farmers Fuels The Growth Of A California Sandwich Chain

As they launch a new Mendocino Farms location in Pasadena, California, Mario Del Pero and Ellen Chen—the sandwich and salad chain’s founders—share how building deep relationships with their farmers has helped them succeed as a conscious capitalist company.

October, 15 2018
Message in a Bottle

To draw people’s attention to the problem of plastic pollution, artists Jana Cruder and Matthew LaPenta designed a plastic bottle nearly 30 feet tall — a piece of litter so big, it’s literally impossible to ignore.

October, 3 2018
At the Craft and Folk Art Museum, Three Artists Use Their Work to Call for Change

Merion Estes, Sherin Guirguis and Uzumaki Cepeda have concurrent solo shows at the Craft & Folk Art Museum. Here, they talk about the messages in their work.

October, 11 2018
Feel Like Throwing an Axe Right About Now? We Have Some Good News
September, 27 2018
Two Bit Circus, a New "Micro-Amusement Park" in DTLA, Isn't Just for Kids
August, 22 2018
By Starting Small and Staying Focused, Dormify Found Room to Grow
September, 6 2018
Feline & Fabulous: Meet L.A.'s Celebrity Cats

What are the lives of celebrity cats like? To find out, I went to CatCon and interviewed the people behind four famous Instagram cats: Shrampton, Sir Thomas Trueheart, Waverly McTinybeans and Morris, the 9 Lives cat.

August, 14 2018
The Leimert Park Village Book Fair Is Celebrating South L.A.'s Connection to the South
August, 21 2018
Kelly “Risk” Graval Talks Sculpture, Sharks, and Curating the Mayfair Hotel
August, 16 2018
Metro Is Bringing a Retro Arcade to Union Station
September, 20 2018
If You Love Pasadena, This Book Will Make You Love It Even More

I talked to Colleen Dunn Bates of Prospect Park Books about the third edition of Hometown Pasadena, a gorgeous photo book about Pasadena and its people.

August, 14 2018
Gabba Gallery’s Jason Ostro Talks Art, Music, and Giving Back to the L.A. Community

I talked to Gabba Gallery's director/curator Jason Ostro about music, art, and the upcoming group show, "Remix: The Art of Music."

August, 4 2018
Cultural Wonder Barnsdall Art Park Offers Unique and Acclaimed Youth Arts Programs, and So Much More

While Barnsdall Art Park isn’t exactly what Aline Barnsdall envisioned in 1919, it has become a valuable cultural resource, even beyond Los Angeles.

August, 9 2018
The Dog Days of Summer Are Here—and So Are the Dog Events

When the Year of the Dog meets the dog days of summer, dog-themed events start popping up all over.

August, 8 2018
Venice's Beyond Baroque Celebrates 50 Years of Nurturing Literary and Artistic Talent

Beyond Baroque in L.A.'s Venice neighborhood is a cultural landmark.

August, 8 2018
Miya Cech Shines Brightly in 'The Darkest Minds'

I interviewed 11-year-old actress Miya Cech about her first feature film role, Zu in 'The Darkest Minds.'

July, 31 2018
Pieces of Southern California’s Wildfire-Ravaged Landscape Have Become Haunting Sculptures

Artist Darren Sarkin talks about his first solo show at Radiant Space in Los Angeles, a benefit for wildland firefighters.

July, 30 2018
At This Compliment Battle, Comedians Kill Each Other with Kindness
July, 25 2018
Nerd Out on This Comprehensive Guide to L.A. Comic Book Stores

A guide to comic book stores in and around Los Angeles.

July, 11 2018
Delicious Little Tokyo Is an Inside Look at the Neighborhood’s Fascinating Culinary Heritage
July, 17 2018
Meet AprilFoolChild, Who Is Making the Right Kind of Noise With Her Soulful Music

An interview with singer/songwriter (and "flutebae") Brielle, a.k.a. AprilFoolChild.

July, 6 2018
Local Bartenders Are Dishing on All the Crazy Stuff They See Working Behind L.A.’s Bars
June, 22 2018
An Outdoor Pop-Up in Griffith Park Is Helping Bees One Selfie at a Time
June, 19 2018
How Free Shakespeare in the Park Became One of L.A.’s Best Summertime Traditions

This summer, Independent Shakespeare Co. celebrates its 15th year of free performances in Los Angeles parks.

June, 30 2018
What Makes a Jihadist? A Nazi? The Science of Extremism

Michael Kimmel, author of the book 'Healing from Hate,' explains what attracts young men to violent extremist beliefs.

June, 22 2018
Roll Into the Rollicking Theater Experience Known as the Hollywood Fringe Festival

A preview of the weird and wonderful plays included in the 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival.

June, 8 2018
Even the Entertainment is Vegan at This New Food Festival Downtown

The first-ever Vegan Playground festival is bringing more than 60 vegan vendors from various industries to Pershing Square in DTLA.

June, 14 2018
Sally Helgesen Wants to Teach You How to Get Ahead in Your Career

Leadership expert Sally Helgesen discusses her new book 'How Women Rise.'

May, 2 2018
60 Artists Have Taken Over the Rendon Hotel. You Have One Chance to Check It Out.

More than 60 artists have transformed all three floors with site-specific art installations that include murals, sculptures and live performances.

June, 1 2018
Don't Let Your Home Get Stuck in Neutrals

Surrounding yourself with shades of gray, beige and brown may feel like the right choice, but it's also a boring one.

May, 23 2018
Budgeting for Generosity: How to Navigate the World of Charitable Giving

If you donate to every good cause that crosses your path, you could be broke in no time. Charitable giving is incredibly important — but so is your financial stability.

June, 5 2018
Spotify Playing Moral Police is a Haphazard Game

How will the music-streaming platform determine what qualifies as "hateful content" and "hateful conduct"?

May, 11 2018
According to experts, driverless cars are the future of transportation in L.A., whether you like it or not

According to experts, driverless cars are the future of transportation in L.A., whether you like it or not.

May, 9 2018
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