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A writer that creates content that connects. Contributor to Relias Academy, ongoing ghostwriter and owner of writing services.

Your First and Only Stop for Premium Content

In this world of words, let's talk stats. For those that need bottom-line results, look no further. Lisa DiFalco is a copywriting leader with over 50% of responsive clients reporting that her ghostwritten and private client content Exceeds Expectations on another writing platform. The remainder of responding clients have replied with a Met Expectations and have left positive reviews and comments. She works quickly to pull together the ideas, support and details from client communications to create copy that connects. She is a straight-shooter and directs clients to any outstanding content requirements in timely communications.

What Does Premium Content Mean?

You remember the common phrase, "you get what you get, and you don't get upset." If you are looking for bottom-dollar pricing to feed the content machine, keep on moving. Quality content comes at a higher price. Premium content writers are not looking to max out the word count but are using words strategically to make an impact. They partner with clients to develop the outlined order and desired ideas to drive messages home. Although you may pay anywhere from .10-$1 a word on niche and specialty content, it translates into meaningful messages for your audience without filler and draws upon outstanding authoritative source material and possible personal knowledge of the industry. Quality content is a big part of Google's algorithm and the SERPs. An investment here pays off in the growth and loyalty of audiences and in your page ranking. Make each piece of content worth a prospect's time with Lisa DiFalco.

Lisa D. welcomes individual orders and special requests. She puts her knowledge of copywriting, marketing and organic SEO practices and her interest in high-value content to work for you.

Projects of press releases and web pages are accepted on agreed-upon set prices and not based on word count. Meaning and motivating to conversion has nothing to do with meeting a set amount of words and is all about using the right words to drive audiences to buy or call. The right phrasing makes an impact. Message her for more details or a quote. Although new to ClearVoice, she has considerable experience writing for other clients and on other platforms. Learn what previous and current clients have to say about her work and communications.

Clients Say:

“You wrote this blog post. It is AMAZING…GREAT WORK!”; “This is SO GOOD! This fits in well to all the things we try to stand for…I am blown away! Great job…LOVE IT.”

"Lisa this is absolutely excellent!! Really top notch and better than what I wanted. I don't know why my colleague did not approve it while I was away, but I very much appreciate you completing even earlier than asked and so well done. Thank you again. You are a very good writer."

"Beautiful writing. It's amazing how you sewed every word together to make it perfect." - John B

“I was just speaking about how responsive you are and that you communicate with your clients. I have worked with a few writers and can’t seem to get a response from them. Keep up the great work. It is so hard to find great customer service. You provide that.” - Paula

"Wow! Great content.
Great writing. Will send you the rest of the pages to write for the website. It's very convincing- makes me want to push the buy NOW button. Thank you Lisa !!!" - Paula

"Lisa D's been a true asset to our content writing department. She's my go-to writer for a variety of topics and always delivers thoughtful, well-researched and well-written material. And I can also depend on her to get things done on time, which I really appreciate since we always seem to be working under time pressures. I'm so pleased to have Lisa on my Love List!" - Carolyn

"Lisa has provided consistently exceptional content to our blog since she began submitting her work to us through... We have a global database of tens of thousands of readers, and her articles always get plenty of traffic and shares. It's valuable content that makes the difference, and that's just what Lisa provides every time!" - Ross C.

Lisa DiFalco assists with all of the details. Lisa helps clients with clarifying their original ideas and turns out pieces that clients are happy to receive. She always strives to stick to project specifications and get the work back to you under your deadline. Truly with Lisa DiFalco, "You get what you get; copy you will not regret."


Lisa DiFalco is a reader, a thinker and a writer valuing a well-conceived and constructed viewpoint. She has a BA in English literature, receiving an award in Humanities within the Northeast Coast of Colleges during her graduating year. She has proofread advertisements, created copy for product lines and generated sales by in-house email marketing campaigns, assisted students with writing academic papers, and finally helped adults with PowerPoint presentations and written organization and content (structure, syntax and semantics). This was before turning her full attention to composing original quality content. Types of online content requested include landing pages, blog posts, press releases, product descriptions, advertisements, articles and newsletter content. Her content is authoritative, well-researched and organized. She has written specialized content in areas that include education, health, medical, non-profit, fashion, real estate, business, web development, agriculture, consumer goods and travel. She applies SEO techniques to content items organically. She specializes in press releases and content that teaches audiences something new and useful.
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