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I’m a licensed massage therapist and has been practicing massage since 2001. I’m also an iPEC certified life coach since 2013 who also received training in Energy LeadershipTM and the Law of Emergence Mastery Program.

My experience with published work began as a contributing writer for Bucks County Women’s Journal (2015-2016) on Wellness Coaching. I have always been passionate about journaling and created a process that blends self inquiry with journaling ; Creative Soul Journaling©. I’m currently a contributing writer for Heartrepreneur ® Magazine, a blogger at All Things Transcended ( and Women Transcending Divorce ( The skillfulness in my writing is emotional management, empowerment, emotional health and well-being, how to take charge of your inner world in a more constructive responsive way through life’s journey of transitions. Life experience and my own transformations have given me much insight to write about what can support others in their life’s journey. My passion is supporting others through writing, consulting, coaching and mentoring to navigate their lives in the most empowering way possible.. visit my Facebook page: and

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Women Transcending Divorce

This blog is about transcending divorce, I support women emotionally through the transition of divorce. This is my passion, my purpose and where my expertise resides. Divorce is never uncomplicated even when both parties are in agreement. The emotions that arise from the process of divorce can be traumatic and overwhelming, having lasting effects in how you move forward in life.

May 18th, 2019
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An attitude of wellness is being able to foster empowering views in any given situation. This takes practice and a conscious decision to strengthen this new way of perceiving. Our attitude about the stress in our lives and how we process it can greatly affect our level of wellness. Most of us excel in one area of managing our stress, and then other areas fall short. Sometimes, just a slight shift of attitude can make all the difference. The unfolding of our lives is the natural course of things. Our resistance to the unfolding is the root cause of stress. Letting go of resistance is a skill and can be learned, beginning with a change in attitude, which can fuel our intention to wellness.

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I’ve been involved in Health and Wellness on some level all my adult life. I’ve experienced and researched many trends and fads throughout the years. What I found is that there are several different components to achieving health and wellness in your life. One that standsout considerably is creating a balance of mind, body, and spirit to the best of our ability. Creating balance empowers us with a stronger sense of self, helping us achieve an overall feeling of wellness. A major course of action toward wellness occurs when we begin to take 100% responsibility for our own feelings, thoughts, and choices.

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I’ve been doing research on health trends and found that Wellness coaching is a steady upward new trend. Health and wellness coaches are one of the largest health trends identified in a survey by the American College of Sports Medicine’s ninth annual Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends 2015. Wellness coaching took the biggest jump from last year’s survey when it was listed from No.17 to No.13 and has been in the top 20 since 2010. Many spa’s, health/wellness centers and gyms are offering wellness coaching as part of their services. In the Spa Industry, it is complementary to the relaxation and rejuvenation of a spa experience. Providing the potential for clients a follow-up wellness coaching program with phone sessions, email and Skype. In health/wellness centers and gyms, more individuals are making a conscious effort to seek guidance in developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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The master key to wellness is by far achieved through coaching. Most individuals want to achieve life style and behavioral changes, but aren't aware of how valuable an investment in a coach can actually be for them. Coaching is really about creating lasting results, not a one-time breakthrough session. When a client has a breakthrough session which can occur in the first session, this becomes the foundation of real results in fostering life style and behavioral changes that they are really looking to obtain.

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Love is at the core of wellness. Through our own self-care and self-love, we generate wholeness on the inner level. Loving yourself is the only way to extend love and receive love. You must first be comfortable with yourself... and truly know your own value and worth as a person.

July 17th, 2019
Blog Post
All Things Transcended

iPEC grad - Life Coach, consultant, writer and mentor. My blog is about the 'inside job' of change; understanding your emotion health and discovering a new authentic, confident and powerful you. I share my own experiences, insights and what I've learned along my journey to transcending divorce and other life transitions. Through my passion for writing, my hope is to inspire and empower you in your own journey.

December 9th, 2018
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