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I'm a health and fitness writer. I help companies grow their businesses through custom content.
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How You Can Budget Using the 50-20-30 Rule
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Ways to Save Money on Groceries.pdf

This post walks the reader through different ways that they can save money while shopping for groceries.

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How You Can Budget Using the 50-20-30 Rule.pdf

This post describes how someone can budget using a budgeting method called the "50-20-30" rule.
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How to Beat Blogging Overwhelm

Bloggers and entrepreneurs can easily be overwhelmed by the number of tasks required to run their blog. This post describes an easy way to beat that overwhelm by adopting the agile methodology from the software world..

April, 25 2018
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What Makes a Great Pin?

This post describes how bloggers and business owners can create pins that are optimized for Pinterest.

April, 11 2018
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Which Social Media Platform Is Right For Your Business?

This helps business owners decide which social media platform to focus on for their business.

March, 28 2018
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How to save money to TRAVEL?!
December, 1 2017
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