Lisa Svelnys

Gifted Music Journalist and Entertainment Writer for sale

Born in a small town in CT, now in LA living the dream as a Hollywood Rock Journalist. Hundreds of interviews in print and video can easily be found online through a simple Google search. By networking with four different coveted and very popular rock websites throughout the country, I have a large pool of readership that follows articles I write and people I meet. I interact publicly and socially with many intriguing people. I feel extraordinarily blessed to have met or have worked with most heavy hitters in rock history. Dropping names is frowned upon so let's do it anyway... you talked me into it. Most impactful meets include: Dave Ghrol, Ozzy Osbourne, Kim Fowley, Mr.T, Rob Halford, Tom Morello, Lukas Rossi, members of Ministry, Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Lita Ford, Weird Al, Scott Ian, Sebastian Bach, Patrick Kennison, Kris Keyes, and of course, The Fairy Godmother herself, Wendy Dio.

I've been living in LA full time for only about four years, after my life barely surviving both of my fiances dying before actual marriage at two different points in life. The second being from San Diego, hence me landing here. I look to the positive side of things. Somehow finding ways to smile seems like the healthiest thing to do. Hey, last fall I made it backstage at The Loudwire Music Awards on media credentials, not too shabby. That's a pretty incredible silver lining- just ask my Facebook friends, lol! :)

My heart melted learning that I was thanked personally in a bands CD liner notes. I was completely shocked that I made such an impact, it happenned just a few weeks ago at The Whisky A Go Go in West Hollywood, the bands name is The Hard Way, and it was a SOLD OUT show. It was a moment that really meant something to me, no one could appreciate that moment more than me, I felt my heart smile SO big!

Growing up as a violinist, and being raised by a single struggling mother who ended up working two jobs to support me and my younger brother, I was never socially supported in person. My mother not once was able to vome out abd watch me play in any of my concerts growing up past the age of ten. I was the kid that akways got rides and got picked up by ither band members parents, I cried a lot when no one was looking, I never had anyone in the audience.-

I support and identify with other artists, and publishers because I know it is EVERYTHING.

I am open to writing about most topics, as long as it is inspiring to me and I connect to the project enough to evoke feeling and rapture. Emotion and feeling proves we are alive. It's about what the article envokes into the psyche of the readers, what makes your writing subject interesting,...what makes it unique, and memorable? Who am I to steal someonelse"s time? I know I don't want mine stolen by reading some go nowhere vamilla, cookie-cutter direct account of facts. The advice I give is this,... people need to remember your work. People come up to me in public I've been able to grab loyal readers through a delicate balance of humor and honesty and subjects that are incredibly interesting. That's my job; I write and live my life by the heart. I have found the best success in modern writing is truly balance of both fact AND feeling.
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