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Holistic health and wellness professional, singer/songwriter, researcher, copywriter. Based in Maui, Hawaii, I mainly write about travel and health and wellness, specializing in brain health and cannabis coverage.

My articles have been featured online at USA Today,, Mind Lab Pro, Supplements in Review, and many more sites. Paper publications include peer-reviewed journals by Oxford, Taylor and Francis and trade magazines like Massage and Bodywork.

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Prescott College, Master of Arts
Prescott College, Bachelor of Arts
M State, Associate in Fine Arts
Johns Hopkins, Certificate - Design and Interpretation of Clinical Trials
Johns Hopkins, Certificate - Statistical Analysis of fMRI
Kihei, HI USA|English

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Blog Post
Taste wine by Tool's frontman - Touring Bird

Knowledgeable bartenders, quality wine, pop culture, all in an incredibly historic setting. What more could a good wine buff and Tool fan want?
Blog Post
Enjoy a cold craft brew - Touring Bird

Take an afternoon trip about an hour north of Cabo San Lucas to Todos Santos Brewing, where you can sample from a large selection of locally brewed cervezas frias (cold beers).

May 1st, 2019
Blog Post
Nootropics for Social Anxiety

Have you ever avoided the gym because you feel people are staring? Have you avoided a party because of nerves? Maybe you’ve skipped a class or activity that involved public speaking. If you’ve experienced debilitating social anxiety symptoms that interfere with life activities like these, you know how hard it is to overcome. Some nootropics for social anxiety might make it a little easier.

January 20th, 2018
Blog Post
Marijuana Travel Guide

Vail, Colorado summertime recreational travel guide
Blog Post
Aspen | Marijuana Travel Guide | Summer

Summertime recreational travel guide to Aspen, Colorado
Blog Post
Nootropics for Dopamine – Nourishing a Key Brain Chemical for Performance

Advice for nourishing the important brain chemical dopamine.

January 29th, 2019
The power of music: Pioneering discoveries in the new science of song The music instinct: Science & song

Journal article - book review in Oxford Journal Music Therapy Perspectives

April 15th, 2015
From Neanderthal to neuroscience: healing with sound and voice

15-page journal article exploring the latest research on using sound and voice to facilitate recovery from trauma

September 6th, 2017
Dive into a clear canyon swimming hole - Touring Bird

Cool country refreshment awaits about an hour and a half north of Phoenix and 15 miles west of Camp Verde, in the Coconino National Forest.
Explore the peninsula on an ATV - Touring Bird

The Baja desert is a fragile ecosystem. To prevent excessive damage by the increasing number of visitors each year, the trails closest to the city have been mostly designated for locals and guided tours.
Blog Post
Nootropics for Short-Term Memory – Quick, Accurate Recall for Peak Cognition

Short-term memory (also called active memory) can hold a small amount of information in a readily available state for a brief period of time. Nootropics for short-term memory can enhance this cognitive function in several ways.

October 29th, 2018
Blog Post
Uridine as a Nootropic

Uridine facilitates communication between cells to improve brain function. An important link in the RNA chain, Uridine is a basic building block of all biological functions and living organisms.

July 12th, 2016
Blog Post
Nootropics for Binaural Beats – Tune Your Brain to Relax and Perform in Minutes

Blog article detailing the latest research linking music and sound to brain health and mental wellness.

January 24th, 2019
W hether it’s hitting the field or cheering on your
RV Camping in Central Minnesota

Minnesota is known for its lakes and rivers, and for the abundant opportunities for outdoor recreation throughout the state. The central portion of Minnesota offers more opportunity for healthy recreational activities than any other region of the state.
Blog Post
Bus / Shuttles, Las Vegas – Transportation

Travel article describing the various transportation options for getting round Las Vegas, Nevada

February 27th, 2017
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