Lizzie Davey

Professional Business and Marketing Writer

Professional business copywriter, blogger, and digital marketing pro from sunny Brighton in the UK here.

I'm known for my conversational tone and actionable content that doesn't include any vague, fluffy nonsense.

I've worked in the digital marketing, start-up and business world for half a decade and love experimenting with new, authentic ways to promote content, improve business logistics and systems, use social media, and grow audiences (and I enjoy writing about it, too!).

I've created a community for small business owners and freelancers at and love helping other brands provide stellar marketing advice to their audiences.

So, why should you hire ME of all people?

My writing is:

- Highly researched and full of the good stuff (we're talking facts, figures, screenshots, images, and everything in between)

- Community-driven. I'm all about creating community around content, as that's the best way to grow a band of raving fans

- Created with a pinch of something special (I don't regurgitate the same old tired content that's out there already - no one stood out by being the same, right?)

- Written in a way that resonates with your audience
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