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Lizzie is a freelance writer for digital publications centered around the marketing, business, and gaming industries. She creates the unique content you need to reach a wider engaged audience each month. She provides blogging services through her company, The Female Gamer Chick, which you can find at (
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York Technical College, Associate's in Applied Sciences
Rock Hill, SC, USA|English

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Blog Post
Recognizing a Mental Health Problem in a Child or Teen: 10 Signs I Needed Help

This article talks about 10 signs that I had an anxiety disorder at a very early age. It talks about how parents can see the same thing with their own children at an earlier age.

June, 20 2017
Blog Post
What This Introvert Asks Herself Every Day

This article talks about what questions go through my mind as an introverted person.

August, 8 2017
Blog Post
What I’ve learned about freelancing with anxiety

This article talks about what I've learned as a freelancer with anxiety.

May, 8 2017
Blog Post
What It’s Like To Have Entrepreneurship Anxiety

This article talks about my experience being an entrepreneur with a moderate anxiety disorder.

July, 26 2017
Blog Post
How Can I Raise My Freelance Writing Rates Without Losing Clients?

This article talks about how you can raise your freelance writing rates with current clients without losing them.

July, 10 2017
Blog Post
5 reasons why your business might be underachieving

This blog post talks about the 5 ways your business might be failing you.

May, 24 2017
Blog Post
What I Learned Working For The Family Business

This blog post talks about what I learned as a business owner from working for my parents' business.

August, 10 2017
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