Ljubica Karadordevic

Copy Editor, Copywriter, Ghostwriter, Writer

Pharmacist turned health writer. Devoted to turning professional jargon into easy-to-digest content. Experienced and pedantic.

I am a health and medical writer with 7 years of experience in the industry. My goal is to turn your digital passer-by into loyal consumers of both your content and your products or services.

My clients produce, distribute and promote medical devices, medicine, supplements, skin care and health services.
If we end up working together, what you will receive is medically accurate and reliable content, written in jargon-free, easy to understand yet professional tone. Your customers will understand the content more easily and will engage with your brand.

After completing my Msc Pharmacy degree in Belgrade, Serbia, I started working in digital marketing. My definition of a "temporary gig" has turned into a 7 year long career, with no plans of changing course. My mother tongue is Serbian, but I am fluent in both spoken and written English, and have successfully ghost written medical articles which were later published in renowned scientific journals. With barely any editing, mind you.

My writing experience so far includes: blogs, ghost writing, articles both for online magazines and scientific journals, copywriting, editing, social media content and advertising campaigns, website content, newsletters and more. My expertise lies in health-related topics, such as medical and pharmaceutical, supplements, nutrition, fitness, etc. But I will happily (and successfully) write about the equine industry and pets, since those are great passions of mine.
I spent several years working in gynaecology, urology and dermatology, and have great experience in working personally with doctors and nurses in these areas. This gives me useful insight into how to craft copy that relates to their priorities, and therefore help you achieve your goals.

What can you expect out of our collaboration: I always under-promise and over-deliver, meaning that you will always get more than expected. My work is pedantic, well researched and based on a professional opinion of a trained pharmacist. Whether you need content for your consumers, optimised for skimming and online reading; or articles and marketing material for medical professionals, I can provide you with both.

Some of my work can be found here: lubily.com, or email me at ljubica@lubilyonline.com for examples of work not available on the website.

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Article, Blog Post, Whitepaper, Ebook, Social Copy, Website Copy, Product Description, Ad/Promotional Copy, Direct Mail, Infographic Copy, Email Newsletter, Guide, Landing Page
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Faculty of Pharmacy, Belgrade University, Msc Pharmacy
Belgrade, Serbia|English, Serbian

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